Deal Alerts for February 2024

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I mention a lot of deals on the Michael Saves and Michael Saves Plus YouTube channels, so I wanted to create a page on my website to share them with you.

This is a curated list of deals for products and services that I’ve personally tested.

How Do You Want to Save?

Cell Phone Plans

Visible by Verizon
(Michael’s primary line)
Get the Visible unlimited plan for $25/month
Bring your own Samsung Galaxy S24 Series phone and sign up for a Visible plan to receive a $50 gift card; ends 2/29
Get a new phone and save up to $240 with Visible+ premium plan
Xfinity MobileBuy one line of Unlimited, get one Unlimited Intro line free for a year ($360 savings); ends 3/21
Save $700 on a Google Pixel 8 (128GB version); ends 3/12
Big savings on Samsung Galaxy S24 (with or without trade-in); ends 2/27
Mint MobileIntroductory plans start at $15/month when you pay for 3 months in advance; T-Mobile’s network

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Streaming Services

MaxStream live sports from TNT, TBS and truTV (great for March Madness); B/R Sports add-on is included with any plan for a limited time
Paramount+Get a 24/7 feed of your local CBS with Paramount+ with SHOWTIME; free trial available
YouTube TVFree trial and $62.99 for your first 3 months of service, then $72.99
DIRECTV STREAMSign up for DIRECTV STREAM and get regional sports networks with the CHOICE package
Fubo Get started with Fubo and stream regional sports; $20 off your first month (free trial is typically offered)
Hulu + Live TVHulu Live has everything you need for March Madness 2024; Disney Bundle included
PhiloTypically offers a 7-day free trial
Frndly TV The cheapest live TV streaming service; three plans starting at $6.99/month

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Internet Service

AT&T FiberGet up to a $200 reward card when you sign up for AT&T Fiber
Verizon Home InternetInternet service for as low as $35 per month; 5G Plus Plan includes a $200 Target gift card
Xfinity Internet $35/month for a year (regional offers vary); add NOW TV for $20/month (includes Peacock Premium)
T-Mobile Home InternetGet $200 back when you switch to T-Mobile Home Internet; discounts if you have a T-Mobile phone plan

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More Ways to Save Money

CIT Bank: Open a Savings Connect account and start earning 4.65% APY. I’ve used this bank account for several years. It offers one of the highest interest rates for savings.

Ibotta: Download Ibotta and enter code MICHAELSAVES to start earning cash back on your groceries and other purchases. I’ve earned more than $4,000 cash back since joining Ibotta in 2014.

Upside: Get cash back on gas and food! Sign up for Upside and use code MICHAELSAVES25 for a $0.25/gallon sign-up bonus on your first fill-up.

Fetch: Upload receipts to Fetch and earn free gift cards. Download Fetch and enter code 2Q7VV3. You can upload the same receipts to both Ibotta and Fetch. See my updated Fetch strategy.

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24 thoughts on “Deal Alerts for February 2024”

  1. Cant find the Disney add on with no-ads… I click to the 1.99 offer, and it stats the process.
    Im to the section of adding CC info, then it says “submit” isnt that finalizing? or is there a step after that for the add on?

  2. Just found your site through Non Consumer Advocate, although I had been reading your content on for years. Didn’t realize you had started your own site–congratulations! So happy I snagged the Paramount + deal. Or should I say my hubby is glad!

    BTW, not sure why, but this post and some others for December were way down the list on your homepage. I thought everything was posted in date order, but apparently not. If I hadn’t been scrolling through your posts, I would have missed this deal. I am sure other readers would benefit from current posts showing at the top of the blog page.

  3. what do you think of iptv smarters? I confess I don’t even understand it- it’s a streaming service whereby you don’t have to pay for HBO, Netflix, etc. (?)
    Can you describe how this works and the promises and pitfalls?

  4. Hi Michael,

    I’m a subscriber and follow you on your channel. Thanks for all you do the streaming community.

    I’m currently a Paramount+ with Showtime subscriber on an annual plan that expires 12/2/2023. Last year I paid $59.98 for that plan on a 50% off deal at that time. The renew price upcoming in December without a new deal would be $119.99/year

    Saw your video about the latest 50% off deal that expires 9/20, mentioning it was for new and returning customers.

    As a returning customer, it actually doesn’t look there is a way to “renew” it right now before 9/20 at that 50% off deal price without canceling my current plan and signing up under a new account.

    Unless I’m missing something, looks like my best option is to just start up a new annual account before 9/20, which is still much less than renewing the current plan in December

    • Hi Pete. You are a current customer. Returning would be someone who canceled and was signing up again. You could try that, using a different email addressing or maybe waiting for Black Friday to see if there’s a similar deal!

  5. Hello Michael,
    I am considering returning to Frndly (after a year or more). I only do streaming as I cannot afford cable-TV. This is working for sure. When Frndly offers channels, example The History Channel, is this fully anything History offers if you had a direct subscription or only certain programing? I am figuring the latter. I will try the free week or pay for a month but I’m curious exactly what is included with the individual channel offerings. Do you know?

    • With History on Frndly, you’re getting the cable channel that you’re familiar with. You can set recordings with the DVR and watch things on your terms if you’re not near the TV when the shows you like air.

  6. Hi Michael,

    Following your channel for what a while. I am a current Paramount+ with the Showtime subscriber. My renewal date is 12-16-23 at the current rate I’m paying at $11.99 per month. I just canceled my renewal. I was wondering if I would be able to take a vantage of that three month special for the Black Friday deal even though I have a current subscription until the 16th of December?

  7. You show the Hulu $0.99/month special in blue and the Disney + add-on for $2 more in black. Does that mean this special for Hulu will not pair with the $2 Disney add-on? Not much on Hulu for us, but our daughter would love Disney. We would be returning subscribers.

  8. I’m looking to cut the cord, is your info for the U.S.? I’m in Canada. Can you recommend a reputable website like yours for Canadians? Thanks

  9. I am thinking about cutting my Xfinity TV/Internet pkg due to rising costs of equipment again (way over $200/mo). My apt has Fiber so I am looking to eliminate the TV portion & downsize Internet to the 400 gb plan (from 1gb plan) and use a Roku Ultra box. I already have subscriptions to Netflix & AppleTV+ (thru Tmobile) as well as Hulu & Paramount+ thanks to Black Friday deals. I plan on getting an OTA HDTV antenna for my live local stations, etc. Does this sound like a good plan so far? Secondly, if I wanted to DVR the live local channels, how would I do that? Recommendations are appreciated.

  10. Hey Michael T.

    i just caught your YouTube video and as cord cutters for many years I sent this to a friend who is literally paying $250.0 to cable provider on top of streaming. when i ve told him he could save money he thought i was doing something like hacking into the tv station (lol I wish hacking was as easy as tv makes it seems). but your 7 step video is so concise anyone who wants to save can understand and still get sports action which is the #1 feature I hear from friends / family about nixing BigCable

    You mention that you use T-Mobile and Verizon 5G Home Internet. I am using 2 4k TVs and have Netflix ,Prime and Amazon Luna app I am wondering if 5g cellular Internet can sustain if I am casual gamer
    I plan on getting PS4 /Ps5 but I am want to review Luna cloud gaming by Amazon
    any advice on Internet would be good. i currently have internet,cable, cell through Spectrum that I only got because of bundle deal and so family can watch sports but would like cut it when sub price ends next month. I just wonder if T-Mobile 5g is comparable to Spectrum 1gig ( which gives between 400MB & 700 MB.i have never seen it give 999 MB as advertised and i have an AX router and Ethernet 6 cables )

    • You may want to stay with Spectrum. I have lots of content on Home Internet (see top of website and YouTube) where I compare 5G home internet to cable and fiber. The people who have trouble with 5G home tend to be gamers or those who have unrealistic expectations. It’s not the best and not pretending to be the best. 5G home is a money saver.

  11. I just want to let you know thank you for putting Ibotta out there lots of people don’t know about it and it doesn’t cost any money I mean sometimes I go overboard say detergent if I’m going to get $3 back on anything and I still have detergent at home I’m going to go ahead and buy it and get that $3 back or $4 or even a dollar then I’m good for a year or more it’s crazy it’s not just detergent though lots of people don’t know about it I think my lifetime earnings is close to $500 and 2 years maybe three thank you very much I didn’t hear it from you but I just want to put that out there it’s awesome.

  12. Michael, maybe you could help with this. Amazon has a Google Chromecast with Google TV (4K)- Streaming Stick and they mention this “promo”…

    Buy Chromecast with Google TV and save $20/month on your first 3 months of YouTube TV. Redeem by July 15, 2024 at 11:59 PM PST[9]. New users of YouTube TV only. Limited time offer. $72.99/month after offer ends. Other terms and conditions apply.

    But neither Amazon or Google can/will tell me how to apply this promo while signing up for YouTube TV.

    Help Please!


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