How to Use the Ibotta Browser Extension (With Pictures)

If you’re already earning cash back on grocery purchases with the Ibotta mobile app, you may have heard about the Ibotta Browser Extension.

It’s a new way to earn cash back from your computer at participating online retailers, including grocery pickup and delivery.

Ibotta Browser Extension: Everything You Need to Know

According to Ibotta’s website, you can cash back on more than 500 exclusive offers for grocery pickup and delivery, plus save at hundreds of online retailers.

In this article, I’ll explain everything you need to know about how the Ibotta Browser Extension works and my personal review.

REVIEW SUMMARY: The Ibotta Browser Extension for Chrome features some valuable cash back offers at popular online retailers, including grocery pickup and delivery. It’s free and easy to use. Your earnings are added to your Ibotta account and can be redeemed starting at $20. This browser extension is best for people who already know and love Ibotta because they’ll be able to reach that $20 minimum to get their cash quickly.

If you don’t already have Ibotta, sign up here to earn a welcome bonus. Then, follow the step-by-step guide below to use the Ibotta Browser Extension. Let’s get started!

Table of Contents

  1. Add the Ibotta Browser Extension to Chrome
  2. Shop at Participating Online Retailers
  3. Redeem Your Cash Back

1. Add the Ibotta Browser Extension to Chrome

The first step is to add the Ibotta Browser Extension to your computer. It’s only available on Chrome, so you need to use that browser.

Here’s a link to the Chrome Web Store where you can find the extension.

Ibotta Browser Extension 2020

Once you’ve added the browser extension, you’ll be forwarded to a page where you can log in to your Ibotta account from your computer. Use the same username and password as the mobile app.

2. Shop at Participating Online Retailers

After you’ve added the Ibotta Browser Extension to Chrome, it’s time to start shopping. The browser extension works differently depending on where you make your purchase.

Grocery Pickup and Delivery Retailers

If you’re shopping at a participating retailer that offers groceries for pickup or delivery, you can link your account with Ibotta and search hundreds of exclusive offers.

Here’s a screenshot that I took from using the browser extension:

Ibotta Browser Extension cash back offers for online grocery and pickup at

As you can see, the browser extension displays a long list of 65 offers, which is the same number of offers on my list in the Ibotta app. These are offers for cash back on specific products, not an entire purchase.

In addition to Target, Walmart Grocery, Shipt and Instacart are among the participating retailers.

TIP: To maximize your cash back on grocery purchases, download the Fetch Rewards app (Referral code: MICHAEL) and submit your receipts. It’s owned by a separate company, so you can use the same receipt with Ibotta and Fetch.

Other Online Retailers

When you’re shopping at participating online retailers that don’t sell groceries and household essentials, the Ibotta Browser Extension provides cash back on your entire purchase.

This screenshot from shows a 3% payout if you use the browser extension:

Ibotta Browser Extension cash back offer at

Once you activate an offer, you’ll see a list of the fine print. For example, cash back may not be awarded if you try to use the Ibotta Browser Extension in combination with promo codes or coupons.

Depending on the retailer, certain types of purchases (like electronics) may not be eligible for cash back either.

Ibotta has a long list of retailers that participate with the browser extension. They include Lowe’s, GNC, Petco, Sephora, 1-800 CONTACTS, Macy’s and Office Depot.

TIP: To compare cash back offers, use trusted resources like TopCashback and Rakuten (formerly Ebates). These sites also provide you a percentage cash back on purchases at various online retailers.

3. Redeem Your Cash Back

Once you’ve made a purchase with the Ibotta Browser Extension, the waiting begins.

For online grocery retailers, Ibotta says that you’ll receive eligible cash back within 24 hours after your order is picked up or delivered.

If you take advantage of cash back at other online retailers, you’ll be notified within 72 hours if your purchase qualifies for a credit. However, you won’t receive the earnings until a pending period is complete.

From my research, some retailers have pending periods of up to 90 days. That will be displayed in the fine print.

When your Ibotta balance reaches $20, you can cash out from the app. I’ve earned $3,500 with Ibotta since I joined in 2014 and always transfer my earnings to PayPal as soon as I reach the $20 threshold.

You can read my Ibotta Cheat Sheet to learn all of the strategies that I use to maximize my earnings.

My Ibotta Browser Extension Review


  • Free and easy to use
  • New in 2020: Cash back for grocery pickup and delivery services
  • Some cash back offers up to 10%


  • Some offers are only in the 1% to 5% range
  • $20 payout minimum
  • Long pending periods for some retailers

The Ibotta Browser Extension was overhauled in 2020 and it’s better than ever before.

Many people who use grocery pickup and delivery services like to do their shopping from a computer, so the browser extension gives Ibotta users a way to get the cash back offers that are also available in the app.

In addition to grocery offers, you can get cash back at hundreds of online retailers by shopping as you normally would.

I really like the online grocery offers with the Ibotta Browser Extension, but some of the percentage cash back offers at other retailers aren’t impressive and can’t be combined with coupons or promo codes.

If you’re making a big purchase, don’t just activate the Ibotta offer and rush to checkout. Do some comparison shopping.

Most of the $3,500 that I’ve earned with Ibotta over the years has come from the mobile app and I expect that to continue. However, the browser extension is a great tool for times when I’d rather shop from a laptop.

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