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It’s been a few months since I posted my 9 Ways to Save on Groceries. There’s a lot of valuable information in that article. I still believe the weekly circular is the best place to start in order to save on groceries, whether you use coupons or not. Planning your weekly menu around what’s on special is always a good way to go.

Even though I don’t clip coupons, I will take advantage of “digital coupons” featured on my grocery store’s website from time to time. Now, I’ve discovered something to maximize your savings even more.

It’s an app called Ibotta. I heard about it through a friend. I got $2 by using her referral link, so I figured I might as well try it.  Here’s my referral link if you want to get the bonus. Before you get started though, let me show you how Ibotta can save you money!

July 2016 Update: I have earned almost $1,000 in 2 years of using this app. The welcome bonus is currently $10!

First, you download Ibotta in the App Store or Google Play. Once you’ve done that, you’ll sign up with your email address. Then, you’ll be taken to a screen that looks like this:


Here you’ll see a list of options. So far, I’ve only gotten rebates on grocery purchases, but there are a limited number of additional stores and restaurants to choose from. When you click on grocery, you’re going to see a list of products. Just click on the products you’d like to buy and complete short tasks in order to earn the savings. When I say short, I mean it. Videos, polls and trivia take just seconds to complete.

Now, it’s time to shop as normal. This app is most beneficial when you can get rebates on items that are already on sale at your grocery store.

Once you get home, the work begins. The app lets you verify the purchases using your smartphone’s camera. Somehow it recognizes the bar code. I like to do this before putting my groceries away.


After you’ve scanned the bar codes for all of the participating items that you bought, you’ll need to take a picture of your receipt, so don’t throw it away! More often than not, I’ve had to take multiple pictures because my receipt is so long. That’s not a problem with the Ibotta app.

Once you’ve completed those steps, you hit finish and wait for your rebates to be verified. This takes a few hours and you get an alert on your smartphone. Rebates can be redeemed for cash or gift cards. I ‘ve already had cash sent to my PayPal account twice in the week I’ve been using Ibotta.

I think the reason why I like this app so much is that it’s so easy. The great thing about Ibotta is that it can be combined with traditional or digital coupons.

Reminder: You can get a $2 bonus by signing up with Ibotta using my referral link . Thanks for supporting Save on (Almost) Everything. Let me know how you like the app in the comments section below.

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