The wireless carrier war between T-Mobile and AT&T got me thinking about what I pay to use a smartphone. A long-time Verizon customer, my bill shot up to $110 a month. And that’s for ONE PHONE.

The first thing I did was call Verizon to see if they would negotiate a lower rate. The short answer was NO. They offered a lower price only if I changed my data plan.

That’s when I took a leap of faith on a carrier called Republic Wireless. Never heard of them?

I’ve heard Clark Howard talk about Republic Wireless on the radio. $25 a month for unlimited talk, text and data. You pay $299 for the phone.

This is my $299 Moto X phone specially configured for Republic Wireless

This is my $299 Moto X phone specially configured for Republic Wireless

 One month in, I’m  fairly pleased with the service. (5/24 Update: All is still good and I’m living in a new city. Service is strong.)

As explained by CNET, Republic Wireless is different. My Moto X phone is programmed to use Wi-Fi whenever possible. When it’s not available, it defaults to Sprint’s network. I’ve experienced a few dropped calls on Sprint’s network. Calls made over Wi-Fi have been flawless.

TIP: Check Sprint’s coverage map before you proceed.

The phone itself, the Moto X, has received universal praise. It does everything I need it to and has been easy to configure. As a former iPhone user, my main problem has been sending and receiving text messages with some iPhone users on my Android device. Apparently, this is a known issue.

TIP: Switching from an iPhone to an Android on any carrier? Disable iMessage before you sell your phone to avoid this issue.

Moving to Republic Wireless has saved me $85 a month or $1,020 a year. I was able to keep my phone number, too. After I canceled Verizon, I sold my iPhone for about $300 using That was more than enough to cover my early termination fee.

TIP: Changing carriers? Do it near the end of your billing cycle if you have a contract. You could be on the hook for the rest of the month’s charges.

Overall, I give Republic Wireless an 8 out of a 10. Aside from a few dropped calls and the texting trouble in the beginning, it has been a great value for $25.  I don’t see myself switching back to Verizon anytime soon, but at least I know the other carriers are offering big incentives (T-Mobile’s $650 offer) if I ever need to go back. If you’re paying too much for your wireless plan and have $299 to pay for the Moto X phone, this might be a good option to consider.

Have an experience with Republic Wireless or the Moto X? Share it below.