If you’ve been following my blog over the last week, you know that I’m giving up mortgage-free lifestyle to pursue a new opportunity in my hometown.

That means it’s time to sell some all of my furniture.

I considered renting a moving truck and hauling my belongings to my new location, but I chose instead to get a short-term furnished apartment.

Now, I’ve started selling my furniture online using Craigslist.

I can’t say I went to any extraordinary measures when creating my ad. I wrote an attention-grabbing headline, took some photos, set a price and typed out a description.

I’m letting buyers contact me via text, after hearing that increases the number of responses.

I’ve fielded a number of questions so far. Most people want to know if the price is negotiable, if the item is still available and specific details about dimensions.

In the past five days, I’ve sold:

  1. 2 night stands
  2. 2 lamps
  3. Small dresser
  4. Chair
  5. Wall mirror
  6. 2 bar stools
  7. Patio furniture


As I just typed out this list, I’m encouraged. I didn’t realize I had gotten rid of so much stuff. Perhaps that’s because I still have a lot left to sell.

For sale: Couch, bed, lamp, mirror, console table, TV and TV stand.

The only thing I’ve noticed is that the smaller stuff is selling very quickly. All of the items I’ve sold can fit into a car or small SUV. A couch, obviously, cannot.

I think I could have made a bit more money, but I’m just relieved to get rid of the stuff.

In fact, I have a charity coming over on Tuesday to take the remaining items. If nothing else sells, I’m okay taking the tax deduction.

I think my takeaway from Craigslist is to be motivated to sell, be easy to reach and be safe.

Before I let you go, I want to update you on my home sale. As I shared with you a few days ago, my home went under contract two days after it listed.

Today was the end of the due diligence period and the buyer is going forward with the purchase. Yay!

In the meantime, I’ve secured that fully furnished rental after passing a criminal and credit check. I plan to sign the lease in the coming days.

How have you stayed calm during a stressful move? Share your tips!