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5 Things to Know Before You Contact Visible Customer Support

If you need to reach out to Visible customer support, there are a few things I’ve learned to help save time and avoid hassle.

I’ve had a wireless plan with Verizon-owned Visible since 2019. I needed assistance when I switched to a new device and activated 5G service.

In this article, I’ll share five tips for contacting Visible’s customer service team.

1. There Is No 800 Number

Visible does not have an 800 number for you to call for customer service. Instead, you can get help 24/7 by chatting through the Visible app or website, Facebook Messenger or Twitter.

Visible is owned by Verizon, but it operates independently. Therefore, you can’t go to a Verizon store for help with your Visible account.

2. You Can Request a Callback

Although you can’t dial a toll-free number to reach Visible customer support, you can request that an agent call you back.

To make this request, you must first reach out to Visible using Facebook, Twitter or live chat.

3. Use Chat From a Computer, Not Your Phone

Visible’s chat feature is my preferred way to contact customer support, but I highly recommend that you start the chat from a computer and not your phone.

If you open the chat from your phone, you’ll have to exit out of the Visible chat window to conduct any troubleshooting. Plus, you won’t be able to continue the chat if you’re asked to restart your phone.

By chatting on a computer, you don’t have to worry about the chat being disconnected while following the steps to fix your phone.

And if your chat session ends prematurely for any reason, ask the next agent that you contact to review the transcript from your previous chat so that you aren’t starting all over again.

4. Request Help From a Network Specialist

If a Visible customer support agent is unable to resolve your problem, they’ll likely send it to a network specialist for review. If you’re not getting anywhere with chat support, be proactive and ask for a network specialist to investigate.

Network specialists aren’t available to chat with you live. They’ll review your case and get back to you by either phone or email.

5. Check Reddit and Help Docs For Answers

You may be able to avoid contacting Visible customer support in the first place by reviewing Visible’s help documents or Reddit posts from users.

There’s an active community of Visible subscribers on Reddit. You can create a post about your problem or use the search bar to see if someone else has already asked the community about it.

Final Thought

Visible is not a typical cell phone service provider and its customer service options are more limited.

If you need assistance, I recommend that you start with live chat from a computer. For more complicated matters, request a callback. Finally, don’t hesitate to get a network specialist involved if you’re not getting a quick resolution.

To learn more about Visible, read my real customer review or watch the YouTube video below:

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10 thoughts on “5 Things to Know Before You Contact Visible Customer Support”

    I was in chat multiple times, but it appears if the tech doesn’t like you or your request is too difficult, you get disconnected… at least I did multiple times. i don’t want to say millennials, and I could be wrong, but i have had millennial techs that just don’t like it if THEY aren’t “heard” and just hang up. so don’t “inconvenience” your tech. You’ll be talking to a non-responsive chat window.

  2. Kelly R. Smith, Sr.

    How do you get all of the information on the cost, not just the promotion… BEFORE you commit?
    I see the “free sign up”… $25 first month… $5… for blah, blah, blah… I have been searching all of the drop down sites… not even able to find a phone number.

  3. I signed up for Visible about fifteen months ago. I used my iPhone 6x Plus. It was so easy.
    Seven months later we tried moving my wife’s service to Visible. We purchased a phone from Visible. However, after three days of them saying it will be activated any time now and we were going into a weekend. She gave up and asked to return the phone. She never got to actually use Visible.
    Still, about ten days later I noticed that we were being charged for service.
    I did chat with customer service. They refused to reverse the monthly charges. They said we had something like 48, or 72, hours to cancel and we had not. Really! Seventy-two hours from what? They never had activated the phone.

  4. How to activate service WITHOUT using their “app” ? I’ve never need an “app” to activate service on any other network. (Also, there is ZERO chance I will enter a credit card number in any phone app . If a credit card is required it would HAVE TO let me enter it using my desktop PC in my browser)

    1. The entire service is based around the app since there is no phone or in-store customer support. You can log in to your account online though. But based on your comment, this doesn’t seem like the service for you.

  5. Customer service chat has been nothing but a pain in my ass and a huge waste of my time. Yesterday spent hours waiting to get help and nothing worked. Later in the evening I tried to chat again and after waiting close to an hour got disconnected. Eventually, ended up going through this cycle a few more times when finally I get a message that there was no rep available to help me. I’m beyond frustrated. My phone has been fine since I switched last month and all of a sudden now don’t have cellular data so my phone won’t work without Wi-Fi! Still trying to remedy this……

  6. The Chat is USELESS! I just found out Visible lowered their basic monthly service plan by $10 a month. Of course, I wasn’t notified! Since I have been a Visible customer for well over a year, at the $40 a month rate, I should have been notified. Feel like I’ve been ripped off, for who knows how many months!!!!

  7. Chat sucks. Customer service- non existent / pathetic. They were supposed to get back to me regarding an order I couldn’t place on line and all I hear are crickets. Check BBB website and you will see what the reviews are like; 1.5 stars…and for good reason.

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