5 Things to Know Before You Contact Visible Customer Support

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If you need to reach out to Visible customer support, there are a few things I’ve learned to help save time and avoid hassle.

I’ve had a wireless plan with Verizon-owned Visible since 2019. I needed assistance when I switched to a new device and activated 5G service.

In this article, I’ll share five tips for contacting Visible’s customer service team.

1. There Is No 800 Number

Visible does not have an 800 number for you to call. Instead, you can get help 24/7 by chatting with a live agent through the Visible app or website, Facebook Messenger or Twitter.

Visible hired more support agents in late 2022 after experiencing customer support challenges.

“We’ve increased our agent headcount by 25% within the last 30 days, and we’re going to continue to scale as we prepare for growth and the further member migrations we expect in 2023.”

Jeremy Bolton, Visible Chief Commercial Officer

Visible is owned by Verizon, but it operates independently. Therefore, you can’t go to a Verizon store for help with your Visible account.

2. You Can Request a Callback In Limited Cases

Although you can’t dial a toll-free number to reach Visible customer support, you can request that an agent call you back in certain cases.

To make this request, you must first reach out to Visible using Facebook, Twitter or live chat.

Most of Visible’s support agents are trained to help you over live chat. However, the company told me that there is a “specialized team that can make outbound calls.”

Don’t expect this level of support for general issues. It’s only for more urgent or complicated matters.

3. Use Chat From a Computer, Not Your Phone

Visible’s chat feature is my preferred way to contact customer support, not Twitter or Facebook. But I recommend that you start the chat from a computer and not your phone.

If you open the chat from your phone, you’ll have to exit out of the Visible chat window to conduct any troubleshooting.

Plus, you won’t be able to continue the chat if you’re asked to restart your phone.

By chatting on a computer, you don’t have to worry about the chat being disconnected while following the steps to fix your phone.

And if your chat session ends prematurely for any reason, ask the next agent that you contact to review the transcript from your previous chat so that you aren’t starting all over again.

4. Get Help From a Network Specialist

If a Visible customer support agent is unable to resolve your problem, they’ll likely send it to a network specialist for review.

For complex issues, Visible’s chat support agents will communicate with network specialists to provide immediate assistance. You won’t have to be transferred to a new chat to receive help.

In addition, you shouldn’t have to wait for an email or callback in most cases.

“We’ve also evolved our service model so that members facing the most complex challenges can get real-time, escalated support – without waiting for us to contact them back.”

Jeremy Bolton, Visible Chief Commercial Officer

In cases that require further investigation, network specialists will review your case and get back to you by either phone or email.

5. Check Reddit and Help Docs For Answers

You may be able to avoid contacting Visible customer support in the first place by reviewing Visible’s help documents or Reddit posts from users.

There’s an active community of Visible subscribers on Reddit. You can create a post about your problem or use the search bar to see if someone else has already asked about it.

Final Thought

Visible is not a typical cell phone service provider and its customer service options are more limited. The company is very transparent about this on its website.

If you’re uncomfortable with no phone support, consider US Mobile. It also uses Verizon’s network.

For those on the fence, Visible exec Jeremy Bolton recommends that you start with Visible’s free trial. That way, you can confirm phone compatibility and test out the network.

To learn more about Visible, read my real customer review. It’s updated frequently!

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23 thoughts on “5 Things to Know Before You Contact Visible Customer Support”

    I was in chat multiple times, but it appears if the tech doesn’t like you or your request is too difficult, you get disconnected… at least I did multiple times. i don’t want to say millennials, and I could be wrong, but i have had millennial techs that just don’t like it if THEY aren’t “heard” and just hang up. so don’t “inconvenience” your tech. You’ll be talking to a non-responsive chat window.

    • Visible has total PISSED me off! I have simply tried to acquire their service, but it continues to get error messages that my current Verizon account and my PIN are not correct. This is not true I have confirmed my information. Is this some conspiracy, does Verizon want to keep me trapped in their $90 a month system? That seems a bit unrealistic, but I am so irritated, trying to get help. There site (that I seem to be block from now, say they have great customer service, 24/7, I call BS to that. I have 3 pages of text asking for help and being run around. Now they will help me get a brand new number…NO your sites says I can get their service without having to change my number such lies. I would be hugely concerned to have this company handle my phone and money. I am reporting them to The BBB Better Business bureau, and looks like others have too. I really dislike lyers!

  2. How do you get all of the information on the cost, not just the promotion… BEFORE you commit?
    I see the “free sign up”… $25 first month… $5… for blah, blah, blah… I have been searching all of the drop down sites… not even able to find a phone number.

  3. I signed up for Visible about fifteen months ago. I used my iPhone 6x Plus. It was so easy.
    Seven months later we tried moving my wife’s service to Visible. We purchased a phone from Visible. However, after three days of them saying it will be activated any time now and we were going into a weekend. She gave up and asked to return the phone. She never got to actually use Visible.
    Still, about ten days later I noticed that we were being charged for service.
    I did chat with customer service. They refused to reverse the monthly charges. They said we had something like 48, or 72, hours to cancel and we had not. Really! Seventy-two hours from what? They never had activated the phone.

  4. How to activate service WITHOUT using their “app” ? I’ve never need an “app” to activate service on any other network. (Also, there is ZERO chance I will enter a credit card number in any phone app . If a credit card is required it would HAVE TO let me enter it using my desktop PC in my browser)

    • The entire service is based around the app since there is no phone or in-store customer support. You can log in to your account online though. But based on your comment, this doesn’t seem like the service for you.

  5. Customer service chat has been nothing but a pain in my ass and a huge waste of my time. Yesterday spent hours waiting to get help and nothing worked. Later in the evening I tried to chat again and after waiting close to an hour got disconnected. Eventually, ended up going through this cycle a few more times when finally I get a message that there was no rep available to help me. I’m beyond frustrated. My phone has been fine since I switched last month and all of a sudden now don’t have cellular data so my phone won’t work without Wi-Fi! Still trying to remedy this……

  6. The Chat is USELESS! I just found out Visible lowered their basic monthly service plan by $10 a month. Of course, I wasn’t notified! Since I have been a Visible customer for well over a year, at the $40 a month rate, I should have been notified. Feel like I’ve been ripped off, for who knows how many months!!!!

  7. Chat sucks. Customer service- non existent / pathetic. They were supposed to get back to me regarding an order I couldn’t place on line and all I hear are crickets. Check BBB website and you will see what the reviews are like; 1.5 stars…and for good reason.

  8. is there no e-mail address for Visible Customer Support. I am not able to use Tweet or Facebook. Trying to get help from Connai (Live Chat) is like trying to squeeze water from a rock. E’mail address needed. NEED HUMAN CONTACT. NEED HELP.

  9. Visible Customer Service is a Dumpster Fire. One recent example, if you need to forward any additional documentation, such as documentation not originally required to qualify for a $250 promotional offer (e.g., a PDF of screenshot from previous carrier evidencing your number was ported to Visible; required to be provided to Visible if their shoddy automated system fails to properly recognize that your number did not originate from Visible), you MUST provide it to Visible via Twitter or Facebook Messenger. Email is not a option. Texting is not an option (although Visible is a carrier that supports text messaging). A callback from Visible’s Customer Service supported this no-email/no text position. A polite request for an email address for Visible was met with a directive to sign up for Twitter or Facebook. Requiring someone to sign-up/register with a separate and distinct business entity such as Twitter and/or Facebook in order to conduct interactions with Visible.com should not be required. Visible regularly sends out emails to customers, so corporate email appears to exist. I’m still waiting on a callback for further assistance with this issue…

  10. I just signed up for Visible service, and the comments about the >service< are correct. It's OK, but it's slower than Verizon was.

    However, in order to sign up for the service, I had to give them the IMEI number from my old phone. That phone didn't work with Visible's service, so they promised to send me a Midnight phone for free. Nice…except that even after following all the instructions and shipping my old phone to them within the time frame given, they charged me $100 for the new phone without notice or explanation. When I chatted with a rep about this, he could give no reason for this charge and said he would investigate. 12 hours later I got an email saying my request to reverse the charge was rejected. Again, there was no explanation. I feel that's shady.

  11. How do you break through the robo chat to get a real person. I have to try endless menus before something times out and I get a real person.

  12. When you can actually get through to chat its ok but the app rarely works and their sever is always down so basically its virtually impossible to use chat and with no alternative its impossible to contact Visible!!!!!! I dont see how they stay in business

  13. I purchased a I phone on May3 2023.I paid 344.50. The phone totally locked up 2 months after I received it.
    Visible refuses to refund my money or send me another phone.
    I am filing a complaint with PayPal and the Better business bureau
    Hopefully they can help.

  14. Visible has the worst customer support or doesn’t have it at all. They drive you nuts, those morons. Be prepared to be disconnected. The just drop you. And they sit somewhere on the other side of the world.

  15. I must be the lucky one. I’ve been with visible since it’s inception and only had 1 issue that required support. Always have fast service and the unlimited hotspot for $15 can’t be beat. I use over 200 gb per month streaming to my smart TV with no issues.


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