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Welcome to MichaelSaves.com!

My name is Michael Timmermann, and I founded this website to share practical ways to lower your monthly bills, make extra money and reach your financial goals faster.

I’ve been a personal finance writer since 2010 after I set a goal to pay off my mortgage before my 30th birthday — I reached that milestone two years later.

But this isn’t another early retirement blog: I’m not an engineer and I don’t have 10 rental properties.

What I do have is experience building net worth quickly after living paycheck to paycheck.

I wasn’t born wealthy. I waited tables through college, graduated at age 19, moved to a new city for a career in TV news and lived on $11 an hour for two years.

More than a decade later, I run MichaelSaves.com and my YouTube channel.

Prior to going full-time with Michael Saves Media, I served as Director of Content and Senior Writer for money expert Clark Howard. My articles consistently made up 30% to 40% of Clark.com’s monthly traffic.

Here at MichaelSaves.com, I go into more detail about specific methods I use to save money.

Since 2016, I’ve concentrated on helping people lower their monthly bills for streaming TV, wireless phone and home internet service.

My money-saving tips have been featured on various news outlets, including CNN.com.

If you’re looking to put more money back in your pocket, here are a few of the articles on Michael Saves that will help you get started:

My YouTube channel has grown to more than 15 million views and 80,000 subscribers. On my channel, I focus primarily on streaming TV reviews, deals and tutorials.

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To contact me, email michael@michaelsaves.com

23 thoughts on “Welcome to MichaelSaves.com – About Michael Timmermann”

  1. We just paid off the mortgage on our house last month (16 yrs early) and we are now 100% debt-free. We are in our mid 40s and have vowed to never take out another loan again. Our savings rate is now over 80% which has allowed me to leave a high stress job in search of new career opportunities. it’s great to see guys like you preaching early mortgage payoff. It’s flies in the face of today’s culture which is typically a good sign you’re on the right path. Keep up the great work!

  2. Wow. Great site. Just found in an old email I receive Daily from Clark. I’m trying to pay off debt as well. Thanks for sharing your story.

  3. Like so many others, I found ‘you’ while reading one of Clark’s daily emails. I like your tips & ideas. Is there a way to subscribe to your blog (I’m not super tech savvy). Thanks!

    • Hi Trish! Thank you. On MichaelSaves.com, scroll down to the bottom right and enter your email at “Subscribe to blog via email.” You will get an email when I publish new stories every couple of weeks.

      You can also find my Clark.com stories all in one place at Clark.com/MichaelSaves and Clark.com/MikeTimmermann.

  4. Hi Michael:

    I still have a mortgage but have been able to save a lot of money. That enabled me to leave a very stressful job and take some time off. l rent out rooms in my large house t hat enables me to live until I figure out what I want to do when I grow up. Right now I am just taking a breather. But I am debating on paying off my house or just keeping the cash out as you never know what can happen. I will look through your site to see if you have any advice on that. I don’t see my mortgage as a burden but sure would like to have it paid off that would allow me more freedom.

    I am the deal queen and love saving money and helping others as well. Thank you for investing your time and energy in helping others to do what you have done and to help them achieve “freedom”.

  5. Hey Michael, I would like to sign-up. I LOVE the articles that I’ve read so far. You are an inspiration to me. We NEED YOU. Keep up the Great work.

    • Thank you for the nice note. From MichaelSaves.com, scroll to the bottom right and enter your email! You will only receive emails when I publish new articles — nothing else!

  6. Hi Michael,

    I am reading your advice on a variety of things and I am impressed. My area that I struggle in is Student Loans. Any advice? I am unsure with what to do as they have changed their lending company so many times, and the college has closed down. Everest University held promise of a better future and they did nothing of the sort not only for myself, but for many other people. Any advice that may help me in what to do or how to budget this would be great. I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to read my comment.

    Thank You & God Bless,


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  8. Hi, Mr. Michael. Your videos about Xfinity mobile were very helpful to me. You noted something that is a dealbreaker concern for me, and I trust you more than others. Did Xtinity mobile make it so that people like me with an Android can bring in my phone and change to Xfinity WIThOUT losing all my contacts and photos and having to buy new phone? Phone is newish, and photos and contacts priceless. I look forward to your reply and appreciate your supporting us consumers as we have a lot of murky areas to navigate!

  9. Hello Michael,

    I enjoyed your articles on clark.com and am happy to “see” you again, this time with your own blog! Congratulations!



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