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My name is Michael Timmermann, and I founded this website to share practical ways to lower your monthly bills, make extra money and reach your financial goals faster.

I’ve been a personal finance writer since 2010 after I set a goal to pay off my mortgage before my 30th birthday — I reached that milestone two years later.

But this isn’t another early retirement blog: I’m not an engineer and I don’t have 10 rental properties.

What I do have is experience building net worth quickly after living paycheck to paycheck.

I wasn’t born wealthy. I waited tables through college, graduated at age 19, moved to a new city for a career in TV news and lived on $11 an hour for two years.

More than a decade later, I run Michael Saves Media and write for money expert Clark Howard’s website.

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Several million people read the articles I write for Clark.com every month. My areas of expertise include budgeting, cell phones, streaming TV and retail savings.

Here at MichaelSaves.com, I go into more detail about specific methods I use to save money.

My philosophy is straightforward: I don’t believe that money can buy you happiness, but I do believe it can buy you freedom from a bad marriage, a bad boss or just bad luck.

Hard work, goal setting and having the right strategy are my three keys to long-term success.

This blog is about everyday ways to save for everyday people. Subscribe to my newsletter below and let’s get started today!

To contact me, email michaelsavesmedia@gmail.com.

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