fuboTV review from streaming TV expert Michael Timmermann

fuboTV Review: 7 Things to Know Before You Sign Up

If you’re trying to cut the cable TV cord and want to keep your favorite channels, fuboTV is one of the top live TV streaming services to consider. 

The service launched in 2015 with a focus on soccer and has evolved over the years. 

fuboTV Live TV Streaming Service Review: Is It Worth It? 

Today, fuboTV has roughly one million subscribers and features a mix of sports, news and entertainment networks — plus local stations in most cities. 

But how does fuboTV compare with YouTube TV and is it really worth it? 

fuboTV Fast Facts: 

  • How Much Does fuboTV Cost?: The service’s no-contract plans start at $69.99 per month.
  • What Channels Does fuboTV Offer?: More than 100 live sports, news and entertainment channels are included in the base plan.
  • Does fuboTV Offer Cloud DVR?: Plans include a minimum of 1,000 hours of cloud DVR storage and recordings do not expire.
  • What Equipment Do I Need to Use fuboTV?: You can stream on your phone, computer or to a TV set with compatible devices such as Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku and Chromecast with Google TV. Some smart TV brands are also supported.
  • How Is the fuboTV User Experience?: The service provides a cable-like viewing experience and includes features that are designed for sports fans. 

I’ve tested fuboTV several times over the years. In this article, I’ll break down the pros and cons to help you decide if it’s worth the steep monthly price.

Read on to dive deeper into the seven things to know before you sign up for fuboTV

1. Plans and Pricing

fuboTV is not for price-sensitive streamers. It is one of the most expensive live TV streaming services available. 

There are two main fuboTV plans as of this writing: 

$69.99/month $79.99/month
100+ channels150+ channels
Cloud DVR: 1,000 hoursCloud DVR: 1,000 hours
Unlimited Streams: 10 screens at homeUnlimited Streams: 10 screens at home

There are also add-ons for premium features and channels, including Sports Plus with NFL RedZone for $10.99 per month. 

No contract is required, and new users can get a 7-day free trial. Start here

fuboTV cuts out most of the hidden fees that cable operators are known for (local channels, equipment and DVR), but a regional sports fee may apply. 

The service has added the mandatory fee of up to $6 per month in select cities

The service eliminated its Starter plan ($64.99/month) in March 2022 for new customers. The starting price is now $69.99 a month.

If you decide to cancel fuboTV during a free trial, you won’t be billed. But if you cancel outside of a trial, no prorated refund will be provided.

Users who cancel can continue to access the service until the end of their billing date.

SAVINGS TIP: Whether you choose fuboTV or not, consider pausing or canceling your live TV service for part of the year to save money.

2. Channel Lineups

The base plan for fuboTV includes more than 100 channels, but that doesn’t mean it has all of the networks that you watch. 

There are several gaps in fuboTV’s channel offerings. Let’s go through them. 


fuboTV positions itself as the best live TV streaming service for sports fans, but that depends on the type of sports you watch. 

The channel lineup is overall very good for soccer and football fans. 

fuboTV added ESPN and other Disney-owned networks in August 2020. ESPN is an essential channel for many sports fans. 

But, in July 2020, fuboTV dropped WarnerMedia networks including TNT and TBS. 

Those two networks air some games from the NBA, NHL, MLB and March Madness. That’s a lot of sports content that you can’t get with fuboTV. 

Regional sports coverage is tricky for most live TV services, including fuboTV. 

The service offers regional sports networks from AT&T SportsNet, NBC Sports and several others. However, Bally Sports channels aren’t carried. 

For many sports fans, YouTube TV or DIRECTV STREAM are better options. 


If you don’t have access to an antenna, you may want a live TV streaming service that includes your local stations. 

fuboTV has aggressively added local stations lately, particularly ABC affiliates. 

In many cities, fuboTV now offers local ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC stations. The CW is also available in some markets. 

You can check fuboTV’s website to verify local stations where you live. 

If you don’t see the call letters of your local TV stations, fuboTV will offer network programming either on demand or from a national feed.

Looking for alternatives? YouTube TV and Hulu Live also provide solid local coverage.


For a service that focuses on sports content, you may be surprised to learn that fuboTV’s lineup of entertainment networks is pretty strong.

The service has deals with major content partners, including: 

  • Disney
  • FOX 
  • NBCUniversal
  • Paramount (ViacomCBS)
  • Discovery 
  • AMC Networks
  • Crown Media (Hallmark)

WarnerMedia networks are the biggest omission, plus A&E Networks (A&E, History, Lifetime, etc.) are no longer offered on fuboTV either. 

YouTube TV, Hulu Live and Sling TV all carry the WarnerMedia networks. 

However, YouTube TV doesn’t have A&E Networks. You can still find those channels in the plans from Hulu Live and Sling TV.

ACTION ITEM: Go through your current live TV guide and make a list of your must-have channels. Then, use the search tool on fuboTV’s website to confirm their availability before you sign up. 

3. Cloud DVR 

If you like to record shows, movies and events to watch later, fuboTV includes DVR storage with all of its plans. 

Storage is in the cloud. You do not need a separate piece of equipment. 

Here’s how it works: When you select any program from fuboTV, you’ll see options to record it. For a series, you can record a single episode, new episodes or new episodes and reruns.

Then, click on the Recordings tab to access your DVR and watch your programs. 

From the Recordings tab, you can see how much cloud DVR space is remaining and free up space by deleting recordings. If you run out of storage space, new content will not be recorded. 

fuboTV cloud DVR recordings tab

Unlike YouTube TV’s unlimited cloud DVR, fuboTV has limits on its cloud DVR storage that may affect some users. 

The base plan now includes 1,000 hours of cloud DVR storage. Recordings are saved until you delete them.

Although fuboTV doesn’t offer unlimited cloud DVR storage like YouTube TV, 1,000 hours of storage space is not bad at all. Most people do not need unlimited cloud DVR storage space! 

One thing I like about fuboTV’s DVR is that you can set a recording in advance or while the program is already in progress. Either way, the entire program will be available to watch later. 

And fuboTV says it will automatically extend the recording time in the event that a show or game extends past its scheduled time. 

4. Supported Devices

A supported device is the one piece of equipment that you need to get started with fuboTV, but chances are you already own one. 

The service lets you stream on your phone, computer, tablet or to a TV set. 

To stream on the big screen, the fuboTV app is available to download on the major streaming platforms:

  • Amazon Fire TV 
  • Android TV/Google TV
  • Apple TV 
  • Google Chromecast
  • Roku 
  • Xbox One
  • Select Smart TVs (see list

If you’re trying to stream fuboTV through your smart TV’s interface, only newer models are compatible. Learn more here.

5. Family Sharing 

If multiple people in your household want to use fuboTV at the same time, they can. 

The service’s base plan allows you to stream from 10 in-home devices at the same time and several streams on the go.

If you’re trying to stream from multiple locations, things get more complicated.

fuboTV allows you to stream from a compatible TV device such as a Roku from any location, but you can only use TV devices from one location at a time. 

However, streaming from different locations is allowed on phones and computers.

With fuboTV, you can create up to six profiles per account. Each profile will have a separate list of favorite channels and recordings.

Unfortunately, there are no parental controls with fuboTV.

6. Fubo Sportsbook

Sports betting is one of the ways fuboTV is hoping to stand out compared to other live TV streaming services. 

The company launched Fubo Sportsbook in Iowa in late 2021.

Where available, Fubo Sportsbook integrates with the live TV service and allows users to bet on select sporting events.

You can find updates on the expansion of Fubo Sportsbook here.

7. User Experience

fuboTV provides a cable-like experience that many new cord cutters desire. 

I tested fuboTV using a Roku Ultra and found the app easy to navigate, with no performance issues throughout my 30-day review period. 

Here are a few of the features that stood out to me:

Start With Live TV

When you first open the fuboTV app, the last channel you watched will automatically play. (You can turn off this feature from the settings.)

The channel you’re watching will also play in the background as you navigate other menus.

Favorite Channels 

fuboTV’s live guide allows you to add favorite channels for quick access. You can also reorder your favorites to appear at the top of the guide.

fuboTV live guide favoriting channels


Available only to Apple TV users, Multiview is popular with sports fans. You can watch up to four channels at once on the same screen. 

FanView Experience

When watching select sporting events, you can view scores, stats and facts directly on your screen. You can also easily switch to other live games from this view.

fuboTV FanView

4K Content

fuboTV streams some content in 4K, but it’s extremely limited at the time of this writing. You can find a list of 4K events here.

There is no additional charge to watch events in 4K.


If you forget to set a DVR recording, fuboTV’s Lookback feature offers on-demand sports and entertainment programming from the last three days.

For sports, you can filter events by date using the sports tab. Lookback content for news and entertainment programs will be mixed in with the more extensive on-demand library.

You can’t skip ads with this content. For that, remember to set your DVR.

fuboTV Pros and Cons 

fuboTV is a live TV service with a premium look, feel and monthly price to go along with it. 

The biggest reason why people may prefer YouTube TV, Hulu Live or Sling TV over fuboTV is the channel lineup. fuboTV doesn’t include WarnerMedia networks like TBS, TNT and CNN.

A feature-packed live TV streaming app is great, but what difference does it make if it doesn’t carry your must-have channels?

100+ sports, news and entertainment channelsMissing channels: No WarnerMedia or A&E Networks
Adequate DVR storageHigh monthly price
At least 10 simultaneous streams per accountNo parental controls 
Some 4K content

BOTTOM LINE: If the missing channels aren’t important to your household, you may prefer fuboTV over YouTube TV. The only way to find out is to take advantage of fuboTV’s free trial.

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