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9 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Loved your site, so much valuable info. I am currently in the market of buying a house. I’ve been lucky so far-debt free. Paid my tuition and credit cards by in full. Got married in march and now I need a house for me and the Mrs. I will try to email you once I finally get a house and get a loan. As of now it seems I wont be paying any down payment so I will be going with the ARM 5/1. Keep spreading the wealth 🙂

  2. I saw your article on fb and went to your blog. how do I follow your blog? I liked the page but not sure if that does it…
    I am so in to all the things you are saying and more…. we too have switched to republic wireless just last week. My husband and I lost everything in the last recession and have made some MAJOR changes in our lifestyle to prevent it from ever happening again. My family teases me on some the the ways I save, but it’s working.. that being said, we are always looking for new ways to save.
    I (my husband is not really on board for this) am contemplating going a whole year (2016) without spending anything (except housing, utilities, food…) my son thinks I’m crazy, I’d be interested in your thoughts…

    1. I am excited that you are making major changes to improve your life. I am not sure about the no spending year– it might be hard on your relationship with your family. However, I do believe in conscious spending. Don’t throw things in a shopping cart without being honest with yourself about whether they are WANTS or NEEDS. You can still buy some things you want– if you can afford it. Follow me on my Facebook page and send me a message. We can chat more if you would like.

  3. I’ve just found your blog through Mr Money Moustache, and you are both a true inspiration. Reading through I am in a similar situation to you before you paid off your first property. I have a well paid job that I’m not crazy about, I have about the same amount of mortgage outstanding and reckon I can finish it off in the next three years (I’m already one year in), although hoping I can do it sooner with raises etc. I’m also still paying into my work place pension and I’ve recently been contemplating patching my lovely (expensive) Diesel jeans. I’m currently saving 50% of my salary but I think I can do more with a bit of help with the ideas from this blog and MMM. So motivating to read about people who have done it, although I wish I was in the US, having to work out the UK versions and not all are as cheap, but I’ll get there. Thanks for doing this blog!

  4. Hello !
    I was surprised about your adding Chevrolet Impala to the list of dangerous to drive?
    The Impala is the LARGEST sedan that GM makes and it is top rated in safety. Very top rated.

    Do you mean older models of Impala? Eighties??

  5. Dear Michael
    Thanks for your work and great site.
    Be good to participate and learn from your community, but I am trying to detach from Google/Facebook nudist camp. (Be good to cover this privacy issue in your blog?)
    PP (Personal Privacy) may seem unrelated to thriftiness, but both promote a sense of “self” as opposed to a de-personalized compliance with what others want. (debt, spending, unconscious living)
    John B
    john aht bugventures daht kom

  6. Hi Michael,
    I just saw your review of Mechanical Turk on Clark Howard’s website. Seems pretty positive-I researched it more because they wanted SS number and other personal info. My son is a programmer and said it seemed OK to him, that if I was getting paid they would need info from me. I guess I’ll try it out in the evenings and cut back on the mindless FB time.
    Ruth B

    1. Hi Ruth. It’s like any regular job, so they need SS# for tax purposes. After the 30 days, I got to over $7/hour. I think I would have been $8 to $9 if I had used the Turkopticon 2 Beta tool (Google for the link) earlier on. It won’t make you rich, but it’s easy to fill out surveys during commercials. Let me know how it goes.

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