Visible Wireless Review: 9 Things to Know Before You Sign Up

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✅ Low price starting at $25/month
✅ Verizon’s network
✅ Unlimited mobile hotspot
✅ Frequent phone deals and discounts
✅ New annual plan payment option
❌ Customer care: No physical stores or 800 number
❌ Data speeds slower at times (base plan)
❌ No discount for families
❌ Video streams at 480p

Verizon-owned Visible offers one of the best wireless deals after lowering the price of its most popular plan to $25 per month.

I joined Visible in October 2019 and have been a paying customer ever since.

If you’re thinking about switching to Visible from Verizon or another service, you need to understand how Visible works to decide if it’s right for you. Visible is not for everyone.

Before I share my experience from four years of testing, let’s get started with some fast facts about Visible.

Visible Fast Facts: What You Need to Know

  • What is Visible?: Visible is a Verizon-owned prepaid phone service that offers affordable unlimited plans for single-line users.
  • What network does Visible use?: Visible uses Verizon’s network, including 5G access at no extra charge.
  • How much does Visible cost?: The regular price for the Visible base plan is $25 per month and the Visible+ premium plan is $45 per month. Annual plans were added in April 2024.
  • What do you get with Visible?: Visible’s plans include truly unlimited talk, text and data — including mobile hotspot usage.
  • How fast are data speeds with Visible?: The answer depends on your plan. From my experience with the Visible base plan, users can expect 5G speeds up to around 200 Mbps. However, Visible’s website says 9-56 Mbps is typical. The premium Visible+ plan includes access to 5G Ultra Wideband for Verizon’s fastest data speeds.
  • Does Visible offer mobile hotspot?: Unlimited mobile hotspot data is included, but speeds are capped at 5 Mbps for Visible plan users and 10 Mbps for Visible+ plan users.
  • Can I get a deal on a new phone with Visible?: Visible frequently offers discounts on popular Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel devices. Some phone deals are limited to users who get the Visible+ premium plan.
  • Does Visible offer customer service?: Customer service is primarily handled through the Visible app. There are no stores or a phone number to call for customer service. You can get 24/7 support through live chat.
  • Does Visible have a family plan?: Visible’s target audience is single-line users. The service doesn’t have a family plan or multi-line discount. Each line of service requires a separate Visible account.
  • Does Visible support eSIM?: If you have a newer phone with eSIM, you can sign up for Visible and connect to Verizon’s network in about 15 minutes. This technology eliminates the need for a physical SIM card. If your phone doesn’t support eSIM, Visible will overnight you a SIM card to get started.

The carrier recently enlisted actor Jason Alexander and tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee to highlight the fact that Visible’s phone plans have no hidden fees.

This is my unsponsored review. I share the key things you need to consider before getting Visible.

1. Plans and Pricing

Visible by Verizon now features two unlimited wireless data plans.

The Visible base plan offers unlimited data, talk, text and mobile hotspot for $25 per month or $275 when you pay for a year of service upfront.

Visible’s premium plan, called Visible+, is normally $45 per month. The annual option is $395.

The service introduced the annual plan option in April 2024, but only the Visible+ plan offers a significant savings (26%) compared to paying monthly.

Taxes and fees are included in the advertised price.

The biggest difference between the two plans? Data speeds.

  • Visible’s base plan includes 5G Nationwide and 4G LTE data
  • Visible’s premium plan unlocks access to Verizon’s fastest speeds with 5G Ultra Wideband and 50GB of premium data when connected to 5G Nationwide and 4G LTE (5G Ultra Wideband is always premium data)

Learn more about premium data and whether you really need it.

Both plans include talk and text from the U.S. to Canada and Mexico. But the premium plan features additional international calling, text and data roaming access compared to the base plan.

Visible and Visible+ Unlimited Plans (Updated April 2024)

$25/month, taxes and fees included
$275/year, taxes and fees included
$45/month, taxes and fees included
$395/year, taxes and fees included
Unlimited talk, text and data; slower speeds during network congestionUnlimited talk, text and data (includes 50GB of premium data on 5G Nationwide & 4G LTE; unlimited premium data on Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband)
5G Nationwide & 4G LTE 5G Ultra Wideband, 5G Nationwide & 4G LTE
Unlimited mobile hotspot data; 5 Mbps speed capUnlimited mobile hotspot data; 10 Mbps speed cap
Spam ProtectionSpam Protection
Unlimited talk and text to Canada and MexicoUnlimited talk and text to Mexico and Canada
Unlimited talk, text and 2GB of data per day in Mexico and Canada
International calling from the U.S. to 30+ countries
International texting from the U.S. to 200+ countries
One Global Pass day per month ($10 savings)
Save $5/month on Verizon Home Internet (Full review)Save $10/month on Verizon Home Internet (Full review)
Smartwatch service included ($10 savings)

Visible doesn’t offer a family plan. Instead, its plans are designed for single-line users. There is no multi-line discount, and every line of service requires a separate account.

Billing is handled through the Visible app. As a prepaid service, no credit check is required unless you finance your phone. There are no activation or early termination fees.

Visible offers a 15-day free trial of the base plan for those with an eSIM-compatible Apple, Samsung or Google device.

The free trial is a great way to test out Visible’s service in your area, particularly if you’re not sure about the network coverage or data speeds where you live.

After the free trial, new users can still take advantage of any available phone deals.

Visible updated its referral program in May 2022. When someone refers Visible to a friend, both the referrer and the referee get $20 off a month of service.

2. Visible Coverage Map

Visible is owned by Verizon and uses its 5G and 4G LTE networks.

If you live in an area where Verizon offers strong coverage, Visible is likely a solid option to consider. 

Visible told that its new plans offer a better network experience, including domestic roaming and improved latency with many new access points from Verizon’s network. 

Visible coverage map (2022)

Visible’s coverage map is updated as 5G access expands. You can now see the different coverage for the base Visible plan and the premium Visible+ plan.

Enter your address here to confirm network coverage.

Verizon announced in August 2023 that it was ahead of schedule on expanding and enhancing its 5G Ultra Wideband capabilities.

Verizon says it will more than double the 5G bandwidth available to its customers — meaning faster data speeds.

3. Call and Text Performance

Visible’s call and text performance will vary depending on your location. 

During my several years as a Visible customer, I’ve had very few issues with dropped calls or missing text messages. It has been extremely reliable.

During the early days of my Visible service, I did receive a few spam text messages. However, that is no longer an issue.

Visible has added free Scam Protection to reduce robocalls. Activate this feature from the Visible app by clicking Account, Privacy and Security, and then toggle on Scam Protection.

If you’re in an area with little or no cell coverage, Visible supports Wi-Fi Calling at no additional charge. Just make sure to go into your phone’s settings to activate this feature.

4. Data Speeds

Like most low-cost cell phone service providers, Verizon-owned Visible slows your data when the network is congested.

This is more likely to happen if you have the base plan.

As mentioned earlier in this review, the new Visible+ plan includes 50GB of premium data on the 5G Nationwide and 4G LTE networks — which Visible calls Premium Network Experience. When connected to 5G Ultra Wideband, Visible+ users will always get premium data.

Visible+ users receive high-priority access to Verizon’s network during times of network congestion — just like Verizon postpaid customers.

Although I pay for a Visible plan without priority data, deprioritization only happens on occasion for me. I’ve always been able to stream video, use my apps and surf the web with Visible.

However, some users have told me that deprioritization has made using the service difficult at times.

I’ve tested Visible’s data speeds extensively over the past few years using the Speedtest app.

The screenshots below show my last speed test with Visible’s old unlimited plan compared to my first speed test with Visible’s new base plan.

The download speeds were similar at around 150 Mbps, but the new plan has a much lower ping.

Old Visible PlanNew Visible Base Plan
Download speed164 Mbps 149 Mbps
Upload speed1.42 Mbps 3.98 Mbps
Ping (latency) 129 ms 20 ms

From my experience, anything over 25 Mbps is fast enough to stream video without buffering. Download speeds greater than 50 Mbps are impressive for a cheap phone plan.

The lower ping is also very encouraging. Latency has improved significantly with the new plans that launched in August 2022.

Both speed tests were conducted from the same location with an Apple iPhone 12.

Bottom line: For me, Visible’s data speeds on the entry-level plan have been fast enough to do everything I need. But if you want the absolute fastest data speeds and priority data, you may want to pay more for the Visible+ premium plan. You can upgrade or downgrade plans anytime from the Visible app.

5. Mobile Hotspot

Unlimited mobile hotspot usage sets Visible apart from many of its competitors, but there is a 5 Mbps speed cap for users on the base plan.

As of March 2024, those with the premium Visible+ plan get hotspot speeds up to 10 Mbps.

I tested the mobile hotspot feature while putting together this review. Instead of connecting to Wi-Fi, I used Visible’s mobile hotspot capability to connect my laptop to the internet and type away.

According to, the download speed was just over 5 Mbps.

5 Mbps download speed cap enforced with Visible

Before upgrading to Visible’s new plan in August 2022, I would sometimes get up to 10 Mbps when connected to mobile hotspot. That’s double the limit.

However, the mobile hotspot speed cap appears to be more strictly enforced with the current plans.

I find the unlimited mobile hotspot data extremely useful for times when I’m working on my laptop at coffee shops or other public places. It has also come in handy when power outages have knocked my home Wi-Fi offline.

Although 5 Mbps is not fast, it’s adequate for checking emails, browsing the web and light video streaming.

6. Video Streaming

Visible says video typically streams at 480p, which is standard definition. This applies to both the Visible base plan and the premium Visible+ plan.

Keep in mind that you can stream in HD when connected to Wi-Fi instead of cellular data.

Not sure what to make of this? Open up YouTube on your phone and watch a few videos in different resolutions to see if you can really tell the difference on your phone.

If your experience with 480p isn’t bad, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed using Visible.

7. Phone Options

Customers can purchase a new phone or bring a compatible Apple or Android device to Visible. The service has made a lot of progress when it comes to phone options since it launched in 2018.

You can use Visible’s phone compatibility checker to see if your device will work.

I switched to Visible at a time when I needed a new phone, so I ended up purchasing a device from the carrier.

At last check, about 30 phone models were available for sale. They include:

  • Apple iPhone 15
  • Apple iPhone 15 Plus
  • Apple iPhone 15 Pro
  • Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max
  • Apple iPhone 14
  • Apple iPhone 14 Pro
  • Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max
  • Apple iPhone 13
  • Apple iPhone 13 Pro
  • Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • Apple iPhone 13 Mini
  • Apple iPhone SE
  • Samsung Galaxy S23
  • Samsung Galaxy S23+
  • Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4
  • Samsung Galaxy S22
  • Samsung Galaxy S22+
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
  • Google Pixel 7
  • Google Pixel 7 Pro
  • Google Pixel 7a
  • Motorola Edge

I always pay for my devices in full, but financing is offered through Affirm at as low as 0% APR. Financing does require a credit check and you may need to make a down payment.

Visible also has programs to upgrade, trade-in and swap your device. See Visible’s website for the latest offers.

In addition to phones, Visible supports smartwatches. You can purchase an Apple Watch from Visible (or bring your own) and pay $10/month for unlimited data. Smartwatch service is included with the Visible+ plan.

8. Customer Service

Visible has no physical stores or a customer service number to call for help. Everything is done through the app.

If you’re switching from Verizon or another major carrier to Visible, perhaps the biggest change will be adjusting to the way customer service is handled.

Visible customer service options: 

  • Live chat
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Twitter

Visible Managing Director Jeremy Bolton told me exclusively in August 2023 that he’s “very happy” with the progress the company has made with its customer care.

In the past, Bolton said Visible experienced challenges with customer support due to an influx of new customers.

Visible increased its customer care team by 25% in the fall of 2022, which has reduced wait times for live chat. It also implemented a procedure to offer real-time escalated support for complex issues.

Going forward, Bolton said Visible will be leaning in to AI (artificial intelligence) to enhance its customer service.

My switch to Visible was trouble-free, but I’ll admit the absence of traditional phone support made me nervous. The company does provide frequent updates about your order via email.

I signed up on a Friday and began the process of transferring my number with Visible.

My old cell phone service provider released my number to Visible before my new phone arrived, but my service continued without interruption.

After FedEx delivered my phone on Monday, I turned it on and was using Visible moments later.

Visible customer support through Facebook

I read on Visible’s website that the average length of time to complete porting is 4.9 days, so don’t wait until the very end of your billing cycle to make the switch. Give yourself some time.

Also, have the account number and PIN from your current provider. Visible needs that for the transfer.

If you’re bringing your own phone to Visible, eSIM is now available for select devices. This allows you to switch your service in as little as 15 minutes without a physical SIM card.

If your device isn’t compatible with eSIM, Visible will overnight you a physical SIM card instead.

9. Phone Deals and Discounts

Aside from the 15-day free trial that I mentioned earlier, Visible frequently promotes deals for new customers.

I made the switch to Visible because of a limited-time offer that gave me a $200 prepaid Mastercard for purchasing a new phone and transferring my number to the service.

When I signed up, there was a $100 offer if you brought your own device.

Deals and discounts change frequently, so it’s best to visit Visible’s website for the latest information. In the past, they’ve been pretty aggressive with gift card promos and even free gifts.

After reducing the base plan price to $25 per month in August 2023, Visible has not been offering as many deals for that plan.

However, there are frequent promotions for customers who get the premium Visible+ plan.

Final Thoughts

After reading my Visible review, I hope that you have more information to help you decide whether to switch to Visible or consider another wireless provider.

From my testing and research, Visible is best for:

  • Single-line users since there’s no family plan
  • People who want Verizon’s network at a cheaper price
  • Anyone who isn’t obsessed with the fastest data speeds or priority data
  • Frequent mobile hotspot users
  • People who aren’t afraid of the limited customer support options

If Visible is not for you, consider Xfinity Mobile or US Mobile. I’ve tested both of them. Like Visible, they have affordable plans on Verizon’s network.

Bottom line: If your cell phone bill is too high, there are ways to lower it. You just have to weigh the pros and cons. But don’t expect all the perks that a premium cell phone plan offers when you’re paying half the price.

Have you switched to Visible or another low-cost carrier? Add your review in the comments below.

How I Tested Visible Wireless

Visible by Verizon has been my primary phone carrier since 2019, so my review is based on more than four years of personal testing.

I also compare my experience with Visible to the 15+ wireless plans that I’ve reviewed using a secondary phone.

There are a number of factors that I considered before recommending Visible. With all Michael Saves reviews, overall value is weighted heavily. I am a price-sensitive customer.

I also consider things like plan features, network performance, phone options and customer service.

I’ve been reviewing cell phone plans since 2016. I pay for all of the services that I review and none of my content is sponsored.

This review was last updated in April 2024.

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89 thoughts on “Visible Wireless Review: 9 Things to Know Before You Sign Up”

  1. I have the iPhone 12pro Max on Tmobiile using eSIM Apple you can have 2 lines on the eSIM but only one line can be in use at a time to use both at same time one must a eSIM the over a regular sim when both eSIM and the regular sim are in use at the same time the iPhone 12 only works on 4G LTE if use just one regular sim or eSIM then you can use the in 5G

  2. I tried Visible’s bring your own phone according to the website’s IMEI checker from phones listed on their website as being compatible. These two phones were fully, carrier and factory unlocked and didn’t pass the test nor did they pass when I chatted with two different service reps.
    Additionally as of today’s comment, Visible is selling cell phone models on their site that are not in the compatibility list.
    I still want to switch my carrier to Visible solely for the Hotspot. Trying to get around their “Lock you in” tactics got me the promise that someone of “higher authority” would contact me by phone and/or email. I’m still waiting

    • I have visible and if you live in a larger city it’s probably fine. I had great service with Verizon and switched to visible. It’s quite possibly the worst service I have every seen. 0 download and 21 mbps upload speeds during the day. The customer service is the worst possible and resolved nothing, they are just terrible.

    • I tried couldn’t port in old phone number from Verizon which Verizon owns.I am older and not a tech person but their tech people could not help me out.Would have liked the savings off Verizon. I wouldn’t recommend them for that reason.

  3. Talked my wife in to going to Visible. Set up her Auto Pay. 2 months later THEY have not processed the payment and shut her phone off with NO warning. No email, nothing. After figuring out what happened AND Visible admitting it was their mistake. They said 24 to 48 Hrs to fix. 72 hours later they said the clock started only 19 hrs ago! Again, their mistake. We have spoken to 5 supervisors (and about a dozen chats). They all tell us something different. They only agree on 24 to 48 hrs to fix. BUT they can’t agree on when that starts or ends. Goodbye Visible. They admit they messed up but have NO info on how, why, when etc.

  4. Michael, thanks for your informative articles about visible. My husband I are seniors, currently with Verizon. We like Verizon’s coverage but feel we can find something cheaper. My husband uses his phone ONLY for calling. I’m going to switch him to a simple senior cell plan, but I’d like to stay with Verizon. I have a iPhone 11 which I use for talk, text, maps, and some internet surfing. It’s also a hotspot for my iPad where I do my streaming. I’ve never had trouble with connecting where we live, but I’ve noticed other carriers are often problematic. Is visible a good plan for me?

    • Most likely, yes. Visible has unlimited mobile hotspot data, though speeds aren’t super fast. It’s fast enough to stream video from my extensive testing (2 years as a customer.) Check the coverage map, but since you have Verizon, you should be good. The people who usually have issues with Visible are in rural areas and rely on 3G towers. Visible only uses Verizon’s 4G and 5G networks, not the old 3G one.

  5. I have a Verizon sim, a Visible e-sim, and a Ting sim, all using Verizon network. At my home in Fort Mohave, AZ, which is a very small rural community where I only get two bars of service, the Verizon sim speed test is always between 20-30, while both the Visible and Ting sims are around 2-3. This is on a iPhone 12. It appears obvious in my case Verizon is throttling the data back to it’s MVNO’s in my area, regardless of congestion status (the same results any time of day or night, any day).

  6. Michael, thank you so much for the informative article. I just recently switched to Visible, myself. I’ve had a very large AT&T bill for the past 15 years and have realized that big companies don’t care about loyalty anymore, so why should I? I’ve been researching Visible for over a month now, and have recently just found out that they now have a data plan for a watch. So far, (mind you it’s only been a week) i’ve had the same service that i’ve had with AT&T and i’m only paying $25 a month with party pay. No dropped calls, or missed texts. I’m an avid wifi user, so haven’t really tested how fast it could be while on the 5G network. It’s seems about the same speed as the 5Ge on AT&T’s network, which is fine with me. I bought an iPhone 13 and financed it through Affirm. Visible overnighted the phone and the set-up was quick and painless. I’m travelling out of the country (to Mexico) here shortly and I’m trying to find out if Visible has international roaming, or will I not have any service?

  7. We travel to a mountain resort where only Verizon works. My family has T-mobile otherwise and very happy so not looking to switch. Currently we use a hot spot device from Verizon which we have used to make WiFi calls and checking emails in the mountains. However, our recent trip Verizon messed up when I upgraded the data plan and cannot find a resolution. So… I’m looking for a phone that uses Verizon’s network but want prepaid where I can pay for 30 days, then not used for a couple months and prepay again for the next trip. I can’t tell if Visible will work this way like my current hotspot set up. Thoughts? Thanks!

      • Thanks Michael. I currently have Verizon prepaid Orbic Speed. It worked great until I upgraded from a 6 GB plan to 100 GB plan on our last trip making it unusable. Verizon says the device is the issue and won’t offer a refund of my upgrade.. 3 hours later and the last rep disconnecting me after all that effort was too much. I will forgo the refund and just move on.

        I had previous issues with them which is why our phones are all through T-mobile.. I’d prefer a phone over a hotspot anyhow and only need it when we travel to our RV resort where Verizon is the only option. Visible seems to be a great answer, provided I can just pay for a month here or there and not every month.

      • I stream from my phone to our Vizio Smart TV. From what I read it sounded like it would stream to a TV but did I understand you to say the picture will not be good?

      • Prepaid just means you pay for the service in advance. So if you start today (August 18), you’ll pay for August 18 through approximately September 17. They have lots of payment methods. You can use debit or even PayPal. Autopay is optional.

  8. Michael,
    I am so tired of Verizon and their increasing fees, plan changes, and data charges. We will be downsizing from 4 to 3 phones. At that time it’ll be two smart and 1 dumb phone. We rarely use outside the US, and don’t require more than maybe 5GB between all 3 phones. I’m concerned about the customer service assistance if I switch and wondering where I would get help. We aren’t tech savy and am even wondering about this sim card you speak of, LOLS.

    • Hi Diane. Your smartphone have SIM cards in them, but Verizon probably put them in for you. It’s very simple to swap them out. Your new carrier will send you the SIM cards and you can use a paperclip to open the SIM card slot on your phone and insert it. There are many videos, including on my YouTube channel that show this process. But I understand your situation and your hesitancy to go to a carrier with limited customer support. If you want Verizon’s network, I’m wondering if you have Xfinity internet because Xfinity Mobile would be a good match. (I have a review of them because I tested the service for 2 years.) There are also carriers like Total Wireless. With this one, you could go to your local Target or Walmart and get a SIM card in the store just to try it out for 30 days on one phone before switching the others. Also, all of these companies will provide setup instructions and video tutorials when you sign up if you’re more of a visual learner. Best of luck.

  9. I have been using visible for almost a year now and am very satisfied [mostly calls and texting]. No issues, no problems, much lower cost. I do not watch a lot of videos on my phone so not sure how well that works. Price is lowest I can find.

  10. Michael !

    Thank you so much for the Party Pay and Visible reviews. I have had Visible myself for 3 months, I am in a rural area, and had to change my receiving band to band 5, to be able to have a signal good enough for data. Had to use a 3rd party app to do it after reading on the net about cellular towers-signals and bands. As an ex-IT (retired) guy I have an addition and question to add to the mix. First, have you been able to find out personally, IF Verizon treats their Visible product as any other MVNO ? Ie. the hierarchy usually from a major carrier (AT&T, Verizon and T-Moblie) in order of prioritization goes like this: Post Paid, Pre Paid then the MVNO’s. So do you think that Visible is nested between the prepaid Verizon, and the “other” MVNO’s ? Secondly, there is a work around for using the phone hotspot (if you are in a situation that calls for it) to run your home network(or more than one device) You can tether it to a wifi extender or repeater, or to a computer, either way you can broadcast the phones internet to more than 1 device.

    Great articles,

      • Ironic !!

        I just received my TP Link750 today, and the setup was easy, I used to work in IT before I retired.
        I used the ethernet and web interface. In minutes I was up and going, powering my home with internet. I found an interesting note: my desktops and laptops, all get speed >5mbps, whereas my wifes iPhone, iPad and our Fire TV all are maxed at 5-5.6mbps. I have tried my VPN with the Fire TV and that suffices as a workaround for the speed cap. Another note: I also had to use the VPN with my pc’s/laptops BEFORE I bought the wifi extender, to workaround the cap. Again, with the AC750 it takes care of that on its own. I fully understand why Visible does not advertise these things. If everybody did this, the prices would go up. Where I live, the only choice for internet is cellular. No Elon, no fixed wireless. Luckily both AT&T and Verizon cellular signals are good in my location. I have been spending $55 a month to AT&T for 100gb per month (hotspot), and augmenting that with my Visible. I think it would be wise to replace that AT&T with a 2nd Visible line, and dedicate that for my home internet.

        Visible (at least for now), Rocks !!


          • It’s been solid, and I live in a rural area surrounded by Water Oaks and Live Oaks.. Lucky to get signal, but we do.
            As I initially reported, the speed cap is a crap shoot using the extender, which has remained the same, some days it’s exceeded some not, its never less than the high 5.xmbps, this pertains to any devices other than the Fire TV.
            Concerning my Fire TV. I installed some apps to prevent Amazon from sending updates to the TV, because I wanted to use my own, non Amazon launcher (another story in itself but not needed here). One of the apps is called AdGuard. It has a built in VPN , that when I was done, made it possible for the TV to bypass the 5 MBPS cap. It has worked every day since the install. I have had a min of 16mbps download now through the TV, and a crazy 60+ upload.

            I can also confirm there has not been any trouble with high usage, as I accidentally left one of my fire sticks running for several days, unbeknownst to me. It racked 70gb up, in addition to about 100 I had used on my 3 other devices [Fire TV and 2 pc’s (which I had done an unusual amount of downloading)], so with 4 days to go in my 30 day cycle, I have amassed about 180gb. My normal usage will never be this high again, but I just wanted those who ask, to know, I have had zero problem.

            In addition, I needed to make a change in my profile. They had an old address which I couldn’t change. I had several problems on chats. BUT I had an agent CALL ME, and it was handled. So the horror stories that you hear about, are not in the majority. That is not to say it won’t happen. If you are hooked on phone support for your cell phone, Visible is not for you. Nothing created by man, in this world is perfect. .

            Only Jesus is.

  11. Michael,
    I’m a Verizon client due to the fact it is the Only service provider that works in our rural area. I verified our address and it appears we are in a service tower area for Visible 4g to 5g. I just purchases an Apple 13 and depending on where is am in our community my bars range form 2 to 4 bars. That being said Visible plans say unlimited data, minutes and messages. So getting my emails on my phone what will I be using?

  12. Your website was extremely helpful in making a decision to switch from another carrier. Thank you for your extensive research and knowledge. !


    I have had to file a complaint against Visible with the Better Business Bureau. They have not resolved the case. They have not even responded to attempt to resolve it. I have received no refund. And they caused my life to be a nightmare for a week. If I could post here the numerous chat screenshots of my multiple attempts at resolution, I would do so. But that would get my message flagged as spam and I fear it will be long enough as it is, given that I’m trying to describe a situation that has developed over a week’s length of time with multiple chats, emails and the strangest most horribly unprofessional call with customer service that I’ve ever had in my life.

    Okay, so when you place your order, it will say in your cart that it’s being sent via FedEx Overnight delivery. That’s the first lie–I finally got the phone delivered five days later (four times longer than it should have taken). I can’t activate it because Visible cancelled the SIM before I even received it. This is after they told me to wait for the repeatedly delayed delivery and they couldn’t cancel the SIM.

    I was finally told someone would call me (this is after me begging for 7 days) but the call never came, instead I received an email from “Jesse M.” the next morning at 7:00 a.m. Why the strange time and many hours of delay? Because nobody at Visible is located anywhere in the US, despite the Colorado mailing address shown on their website…but they don’t want you to know that. The lack of fluent English leads to circular conversations in which no resolution ever occurs, just them saying they will help but instead merely repeatedly insisting I give my full name, address, phone number, email address, SIM number, IMEI, and order number. This is a stalling technique. I have never been able to get a simple question answered. Not one. And they will never offer a refund or return.

    Tonight, after spending hours every single day for a week chatting with Visible and attempting in vain to BEG for someone in charge to call me, I finally got a call (hours after it was promised) from “Stephanie”, who claimed to be in charge of customer service. Her demeanor leads me to suspect that’s another lie, because that call ended with no resolution, no refund offered or issued, no reason given for the total lack of help from anyone at Visible, just “Stephanie” yelling over me and hanging up on me. I called the number back and it was not a professional set up. I got a voice mail box that did not have anyone’s name in the outgoing message–not the Visible company name or any person’s name. I have a hard time believing this company is owned by Verizon. Verizon has their share of crappy customer service but here I heard a drunk-sounding woman laughing and saying “Are you surprised I even have voice mail?” The outgoing message sounded like a teenager’s voice mail. But most telling is that after the beep, there is no option to even leave a voice mail; it simply disconnects, which is certainly not the way a legitimate business operates. I surmise the drunk-sounding woman (maybe it was “Stephanie”) was laughing because she knows that on the receiving end of is a person looking for assistance who is about to find out they’re nothing more than a fish on the hook. This company is a fraud, and she knows it. Think about it, a customer service manager who screams and hangs up on a customer who has been begging every day for a week to get help. Just going by her accent, I’d guess that “Stephanie” is in the Philippines or somewhere in Southeast Asia. I’ve had relatives and friends from all over Asia; I recognize the accent. And not being an American is not my complaint here — it’s that I don’t appreciate having my money (and considerable time!) stolen and being lied to repeatedly, even being laughed at and screamed at by the supposed person in charge of their customer service. All of my considerable time trying to communicate with and receive a resolution from this company proves to me that Visible isn’t legitimate.

    The chat, emails, and calls are all from outside the US. That is why you have a better chance at getting a call from the Queen of England than to get anyone there to call you and be able to understand the issue, much less be bothered to care about resolving it. No one from Visible will tell you where they’re located. They will tell you they’re not allowed to say. Why? The lack of understanding and communication from them proves that they don’t grasp English well enough to understand the problem, much less remedy it.

    And don’t be fooled by their deals. Do they seem too good to be true? That’s because they are; you’re not likely to ever receive them. I didn’t. When I purchased a new phone from them, the promotions I received were a $150 gift card of my choosing, plus a Bang & Olufsen portable speaker. Yeah, I feared that speaker was too good to be true because it retails for about $275. (Should’ve listened to my gut!) Since Visible cancelled the SIM before I ever received the phone due to their overnight delivery taking four times that, I can’t activate the phone and complete porting of my number from my previous carrier, and since buying a new phone from Visible and porting from my previous carrier are both required to receive the “gifts”, they use that as a loophole to refuse me those items offered to me in the promo I received with my order. The good ol’ bait and switch tactic. Obviously, any reputable company caring about KEEPING loyal customers doesn’t use this tactic. But companies who only want to grab your money for a one-time purchase (such as a one-time purchase of an expensive device) are happy to pull this on their customers because once they’ve paid, the onus is on the customer, to try to recoup your money. And Visible will make your life a nightmare while you spend hours and days attempting to do just that. And they know it, so please don’t fall for it like I did.

    I’ve found that there is not a single person at Visible (wherever they are located; it’s certainly NOT Colorado) knows how to provide a simple answer to a simple question. When they do, it ends up being a lie. They will keep you going in circles and go out of their way to not answer your questions. I asked for the chat transcript to be emailed to me, and multiple times the chat agents agreed, but no transcript for those chats ever came. Then today, “Stephanie” informs me that she has the transcripts but for legal reasons they are not allowed to send that to me. Well, obviously. They don’t want to be caught in lies. Because they’re committing fraud, and they know it. Other mobile/wireless providers may have crap customer service as well, but they usually offer the option of receiving a chat transcript. (And if they don’t, well, that doesn’t bode well, I’ve now learned.) I recommend taking screenshots of the chats, but of course, they’ve made sure to make the chat window tiny so that you must do so repeatedly, and the conversation will be so chopped up into tiny segments that it’s practically a full-time job trying to piece the screenshots together to make sense.

    Visible has stolen from me. The only thing they gave me was a hard-learned lesson in what a mobile service provider should NOT do. Like a bad relationship with a narcissist, I now know the red flags to look out for!

  14. Update to my previously lengthy comment:

    After filing the complaint with BBB, I logged into my Visible account and my order has completely disappeared. It does not show that it was cancelled by Visible; it does not show that the delivery was delayed for four days. It does not appear anywhere in my account. Yet another indication of fraud. But I have the order confirmation email and the PayPal transaction ID to prove that the payment to Visible was indeed made and not refunded.

    Have a look at Visible’s score on the BBB website. There’s a reason they’re not accredited. And of course, only a fraction of people will take the step to report them to the BBB.

    • I had the exact same experience with AT&T, so it is not just Visible. I have talked to plenty of non-American people through Verizon as well. The overseas call centers companies use is simply a money-grab for them and I do not think they really care about their customers. Just keep paying that bill.

    • BBB is useless. They are a business of their own making profits from big companies for good ratings. Visible is probably not accredited because they don’t pay to be on that site. Trust me I had issues with Ebay and Sprint. I thought just like you and report to BBB just to resolve nothing.

  15. Visible has worked great for me for 9 of the past 11 months. In the past two months, several dropped calls and unusable data every day at lunch time. Hours or trouble shooting with Visible and they say nothing is wrong. Apple says my iPhone is good. Have you noticed service issues in the past couple of months? I do not want to leave, but if the service continues to act up I may have to.

  16. The internet test is 1.75. Like it was 25 years ago. I was excited because Visible is part of Verizon, but is probably the worst coverage I have seen.

  17. I have had Visible for several months now. At times I would have to put airplane mode on and off to receive service. Sometimes text messages dont come in for hours and consistently I have 2-3 bars of service where It should have very good coverage. They refuse my 50 dollar virtual gift. The reason at first was i needed to have 3 months of service. Later on they claimed that promo was only for people who bought phones from them. These people are liars and thieves. Mint Mobile had better service then this.

  18. Nice writeup!

    What’s missing for me is a mention of iPads. I have T Mobile, and I added my iPad for $10 extra / month. I don’t see Visible mentioning that anywhere. Any idea why?

    I realize that if you have your iPhone with you one could make it a hotspot, but I sometimes may not have access to it and want my iPad to have service also.

    • I don’t think they have iPad plans. They have smartwatch plans. I don’t really encourage people to pay for either (use Wi-Fi or the hotspot feature), but I’m very price-sensitive. You’re not the first person to ask this — so I want to explore it more and add information to my content. Thanks.

  19. Hi, Michael,

    Absolutely impossible to reach customer support right now….so perhaps you can answer a couple of questions:
    1. Does Visible work with Wifi calling on an iPhone 14?
    2. I know Visible doesn’t offer service abroad for travelers to Europe, but what happens if I am using wifi calling over there…..and someone calls me from the US. Will I get the call? And can I place the call to the US over Wifi?
    2. While in the US, what happens if I try to send an SMS to Europe or receive one from Europe? Does it matter if I am using wifi calling?

    Thanks your your advice,

  20. Thank you kindly, Michael, for suggesting these resources. It does appear that when calling via wifi calling from abroad, you can connect with a US number. As far as sending and receiving texts from abroad via Wifi, that’s still uncertain. I wish Visible was as responsive as you are! I’ve given up trying to reach their customer care…I’ve tried both through Facebook and Chat….no response and impossible to reach an agent. I’m considering switching to Visible, but I’m loath to do so until they get their act together… many horror stories of folks trying to get Visible to straighten out a mess resulting from opening a new account and porting a number. They will be losing a lot of new business until they fix their customer support issues.

  21. Visible does not solve issues with the phones they sell you. Still texting issues after a month. They don’t call and it takes hours to get someone on chat. No other way to contact. It has been a month with 8 chats and no resolution.

  22. i read the instructions to use visible, it implies you have to install the visible app on the phone. Is this required? If so does the phone actually go thru the app to perform calls, text, and data? or is the phone constantly checking to see if the app is installed? If so that seems like a security issue. Please explain

    • You do NOT need to go through the app to place calls. I rarely use the app. The app is for account management like bill payment (I’m on autopay), including all customer service interactions. You can also log in to Visible’s website to start a customer service request.

  23. Hi, I was hoping Visible would be a good option for me because I had Tello before and experienced many dead spots around the suburban Denver area. I saw your article and decided to go with Visible. I joined yesterday 12/7/22 and received my SIM this morning around 11am. I activated the SIM and thought it would be a few minutes. 10+ hours later, I still have no mobile service and have been on and off chat with them all day. They’ve been nice enough, but looks like they’re have huge issues with activations and I can’t even go back to my last SIM card as it’s been deactivated. Needless to say, I’m porting out of Visible after less than one day and have not experienced even one second of their mobile service because of all of these issues.

  24. Visible seems like a great deal. My phone is old and not compatible so I decided to sign up and buy a new phone from them. I filled out the online form requesting the transfer of my current phone number to it. I am already on the Verizon network so I thought that would be quick and easy. I received an email confirming my order, but nothing more after that. After a few days I opened a chat with Visible to check on the status of my order and was informed that there were “port in issues” and the order had been cancelled. I understand there can be problems but it was very irritating that I was not notified in any way that my order was cancelled! No email and nothing on the Visible website. We are looking at Xfinity Mobile now.

  25. I decided to switch to Visible from AT&T I am glad that my AT&T account is still active. My phone would not work on their system, they did send me one over night. At that point my attempts to activate my Visible account went from frustrating to irritation to angry to strait down the crapper. After two days and a number of on-line chats they could not activate my Visible account, but they wanted to access my bank account to pay for the first months service. The I was told that a TEC would e-mail me in 2-4 days to try and fix the glitch that would not let my account activate. My time with Visible is over. What I may save in cost is not worth the BS I went through.

  26. I’ve been happy with the Visible service itself but customer support is the worst around. I ordered a new cell phone which was stolen in transit (thanks FedEx!). I signed for an empty box before they would hand it to me knowing full well it was empty. It’s been 3 months and still waiting for a refund from Visible. They There is no follow through and no one who can do anything, only refer the matter to some unknown team we mere customers cannot reach.

    • Place a police report for theft with your local police department. You can probably do the claim online. After you receive the official report contact Visible again and send them the official report. You can also send the same police report to Fedex. That should get things moving for you.

  27. I have Verizon Fios; do you know if I will get a discount for moving over to Visible from another carrier on my Fios account? Visible says there is a discount for Verizon Home Internet which I am assuming is not the same discount as the Fios package.

    Do you know?

  28. Does anyone know if there are ways to extend the signal from Visible? My experience: I was with Verizon and they ended up giving me a free signal extender (affecting trying to charge me $200) which gave me 4 bars all the time. I tested out Visible and had 4 bars, which I figured out later also tapped into that extender even though Visible said it would not be affected by it. So I thought I was good at 4 bars. But after I left Verizon they turned off the signal extender’s access to the tower signal. Suddenly Visible went down to 1-2 bars and dropped calls even using wifi calling on an iphone 14 pro. Download speeds are from .5 – occasionally 4 mbps. I do live in an area not great for any cell service. I spent hours with Visible chat customer service. They tried to fix it with all kinds of troubleshooting and changing settings. Some chat support was very good. Other times it was very frustrating. It improved that one day and then went back to the same bad service. Very frustrating that the extender fixes the issue but I cannot use it without going back to Verizon and paying about $50 per line.

    • I live in a rural area with poor cell service. No 5G, only spotty 4G LTE. I called Verizon about sending me a network extender box (4G LTE). Because of my poor service area, and being a senior, they sent me one that is registered to them and cost me nothing, neither upfront nor per month. I had to sign something that said I would return it if I moved. It works very very well. I have three phones that I would like to move to Visible. I can use the try for free on my eSim for a couple of weeks to test everything before moving all of my regular numbers.

  29. Great review! 👍🏾 After Alltel, Straight Talk has been my phone provider for years. I test drove Verizon, Visible, and T-mobile. I researched all, but chose Visible because, I was used to not having all the perks of the major Cell phone companies. The only thing I may miss about Straight Talk is the points I build up each month that I can use for free service and other things. I took a chance on Visible+ because I like the 5G Ultra Wide broadband and the speeds I was able to achieve. The talk quality was excellent! Transitioning was smooth and porting my number took place in less than 10 minutes. Love it! The only thing I have not tested was the Hot Spot. Had a good experience with Straight Talk. Will test it soon! I live in an area where Ultra Wide Broadband is available so that makes a difference. This is my first month. If all goes well, I will continue with Visible.

  30. I was all set to sign up for the Visible premium plan but after reading these customer service comments, now I’m back to searching again. So frustrating.

  31. I ported my family of four to Visible. Three of the numbers ported without a hitch just like hitting the EASY button. The last number, mine, which I have all my accounts tied to had a big hitch. Result is I have been without access to my number for days. Whatever you do, DO NOT LET CUSTOMER SERVICE CANCEL YOUR PSIM IN THE MIDDLE OF PORTING YOUR NUMBER!! I had issues activating my number which turned out to be a Visible website issue at the time but the chat service person recommended canceling the Visible PSIM I was sent and I could just order another one “no problem”. This was done before checking other issues like maybe the Visible website was down. Since then I have chatted multiple times and was even honored by having a “supervisor” call me. Each time it is the same story. “They are working on it.” The chat people are always polite and gracious but I think they are either inept, lying, or trained to say what the customer wants to hear. I had one customer chat person tell me “we are incapable of canceling a SIM but that one rep must have been able to and we are so sorry.” So, if it works you are good to go, but if you have any issue, you are probably SOL.

  32. Visible has been great for my family!
    I have 2 daughter and my husband with visible and a daughter that lives 2 blocks away on visible. I have att and that is only because my phone was not compatible and I had just gotten my phone not long before the big switch from att and wasn’t willing to part with my phone for an inferior one.
    I pay 90.00 a month for my att line. The 3 girls and husband cost 100.00 flat for their 4 lines. That’s a no brainer! There service is good, as good as my att. We are in a rural area and is very hard to find ANY provider that says our area is a good signal. The girls go to a school 13 miles away that has a Verizon tower right by the school making it great for them to get ahold of me anytime they are in that town. My att service DOES NOT work in that town. The ONLY thing that I like better about my service is being able to have mobile Hotspot for more than just 1 device, and that’s not really too superior because I only have a 40 gig Hotspot whereas visible is unlimited data hot spot.
    I dont mind the live chat and no number to call for customer service because I don’t want to talk to Customer service ever really. I like that I only have to write out what I need and they write back with the answer.
    Bottom line, as soon as I’m ready for a different phone I will buy one that is compatible with visible and I too will be on the visible network and laugh at paying only 25 or 30 dollars a month for the same grade service that I have been paying 90 dollars a month for.

  33. I moved to Visible from Consumer Cellular about a year ago. I have had no issues with speed or connectivity with Visible. Voice, Text and Data almost always work well. The only issue I have experienced is that there was one period where texts could not be received for about 4 days. While their web site currently (Aug 2023) states basic service is $25, they are STILL charging me $30, and for a service period AFTER they dropped their pricing. This is NOT the first time I have had issues with their web site. The issues I have experienced could and should have been 100% avoided, and were neither resolved nor addressed by the live chat personnel. The quality control on their web site is insufficient. Their live chat apparently no longer exists – a completely useless chat bot has replaced it with no option for human intervention. The truly sad thing is, if they spent any effort on making their web site work, I would not need support. My conclusion is that Visible is trying to drive existing customers away. If that is their plan, it is working for me. If it isn’t, they might want to replace some management.

  34. First of all, thanks for the reviews, Michael! I have looked at the ones for Xfinity, Mint, and now Visible, my carrier over the last few years after having been with Verizon for many years. My experience has generally been good, however there have been some over the past year that have left me frustrated and looking at other plans. There is a grocery store in Huntington Beach, CA, where I would get zero signal – “No Service”, so if I needed to check my bank account balance I would have to walk outside the store. Other times I have had 4G LTE with three and four bars showing but no actual connectivity, which is very irritating. One time I was in the car with someone with Mint in such a dead-to-me spot and she had bars *and* great connectivity.

    Some research on my part has provided a possible explanation that is akin being on a flight that has just landed but has to wait because there is no open gate. So the idea is that yes, there is a signal, but there is not an available “slot” in the local tower. Michael, do you think is this something being on the premier level would fix?

  35. Visible customer service is ridiculous poor, so if you encounter any issues it will really force you to switch providers. If you don’t encounter any issues it can be a great deal. I had T-Mobile for 10 years and didn’t have any service issues. In Mar of this year I switched to Visible to save money and have access to Verizon’s greater rural network. The first 6 months were great. Unfortunately, on Aug 25th I started to suspect I had not been getting some text messages on a thread with my family. Also, when I tried to send pictures they wouldn’t go to other people, they just hung and would not send. Once the issue didn’t resolve itself in a couple of days, I decide to reach out to support.

    Unfortunately, Visible doesn’t have phone support, they don’t have online chat. So I reached out to them describing the problem on Aug 28th. I had to chat with them about 2 hours to try and resolve the issue. One of the scariest revelations I found, the chat team does not have access to a “test phone line” to troubleshoot. That’s insane, and such a basic thing any customer service rep would need at a phone company with access to almost unlimited phone lines. Yet, they don’t have one where they could troubleshoot, sending or receiving messages, phone calls. I determined, through deduction that it was an MMS issue, since regular texts were coming and going, only ones with multiple parties, pictures, etc were timing out, which are by nature MMS.

    During those two hours the chat team had me do things like restart the phone, take out the SIM card, reset the network settings, re-create the APN Mobile Network settings, etc. However, it clear to me all of this was a waste of time because I hadn’t changed anything on my phone around Aug 25th, the issues just came out of nowhere. But I did it anyways. After none of those steps worked, she escalated it to Tier 2. That person texted/called me within a few hours (Tier 2 has phones), and in speaking with him he said it looks like my account was not provisioned properly, he found the problem, and was working on resolving it.

    The next morning I got an e-mail stating “We’re reaching out regarding the issue you’re experiencing with Visible services. We have great news: your case is now resolved! Thank you for your patience and understanding while we worked through this.”

    The problem is, the issue was NOT RESOLVED! No one called me to test the issue was resolved, no one called me to confirm it was resolved, nor in writing. They ASSUMED it was resolved without confirming with the customer actually experiencing the issue. This is just VERY POOR customer service. And likely just a way for them to boost their resolution stats.
    So I replied to the e-mail, explaining to them the issue was NOT RESOLVED, which immediately bounced and said you can’t reply to this address and you have to reach out to chat support again. I then sent texts and called the Tier 2 support guy, which went unanswered. So was forced to reach out to chat again, which went predictably nowhere. I had to unfortunately spend another hour just re-doing the steps from the last chat session, forcing me to reset the network settings, pull out the SIM, also this time clear the messaging app cache. Of course, none of that worked, wasting another hour. So they again escalated it to Tier 2.

    Unfortunately, this time Tier 2 came back with:
    “We would like to inform you that the team has worked on the issue and requested you to please take data back up of your device and factory reset your device. This will resolve the issue.”
    This is another example of HORRIBLE SUPPORT. One, they are making an absolute declaration that they have no basis for; they don’t know for certain that will resolve the issue. Two, they provided no tools for backing up and restoring my data, making it sound like it’s an easy task. I’m not going to erase years of data and messages from my phone because of a hunch Visible Customer Service is touting as fact.

    At that point I knew I was done with Visible. They obviously don’t care about how customers are treated. The next day I switched to a different service provider and literally within a few minutes I got over 100 MMS messages that had been stuck in cellular space, thankfully unleashed based on the new provider actually having a working network. That clearly shows there was nothing wrong with my phone and it was all Visible’s network configuration issues. Clearly me erasing my phone wouldn’t have fixed the issue as they stated above, wasting even more of my time and possibly forever losing important messages.

    I would advise people to know what they are getting into…when it works, it’s a great deal. However, when it doesn’t then you will be severely inconvenienced. I’ve heard that US Mobile, who uses Verizon and T-Mobile are a good low cost, contract-free alternative. I’ve never used them, but see they have phone support so I’d highly consider them if you are looking to cut costs and have good network coverage.

  36. I’ve used Visible since they first came out and I’ve had no issues from them. They respond fast when u message them and they are very nice to people. I love this place! I’m never changing phone companies!

  37. I used to pay over $100 for my unlimited internet and android phone. Now for the last 6 months I pay $25. I connect usb to my laptop or notebook and use it 15 hours daily to keep track of stocks, read news and stream. I have never had a problem and I boondock in areas that are difficult for all carriers in the southwest. I do not believe I have ever had other than 2 bars reception (maybe that is normal) but never have I had a problem streaming and I used to have internet with all the bells and whistles. I have noticed no difference between the two. I love visible so far.

    There are services I miss. I miss seeing my data usage and having support in case I need it for possible billing problems etc. I do understand that some users can have difficult problems and that can happen with any carrier or business. My wife was recently billed for three months after she cancelled her last cell service and took forever to fix it. Problems can occur not only with carrier but also phone, roaming, apps, mail programs, browsers! and computers. Then customer service anywhere never has authority to do anything except refer you up after going thru 30 steps. All this not to mention that some people are just dense or like me computer expert but phone illiterate (hate phones).

  38. My wife and I are with Xfinity Mobile, but we’re going to fiber for internet and won’t be able to use Xfinity Mobile if we don’t have Xfinity internet. We’re looking at Visible. We both have iPhone 7’s. My concern is losing service from Xfinity while we wait for the SIM cards to arrive. What is the chance of that? We plan to get this done in January to use the $35 Visible+ plan sale for 24 months. Thank you.

  39. Here’s one for you, specifically regarding visible.

    My email address got associated with a visible account. I have minimal information about the account: first name, last 4 digits of tel#, last 4 digits of associated credit card.

    I spent a long, fruitless chat trying to get them to remove my email address, they wouldn’t because I could verify the account to their satisfaction. Seemed to me this was an easy ask, as I could prove the email address belongs to me.

    The larger question, the larger dilemma, of course, is how do the owners of information reasonably retain control of it?

  40. Wow. Their customer service is TERRIBLE and I’m just trying to get the SIM card delivered. FedEx’s site said it was being returned to sender due to some address error. The address on my account is correct. I spent 2 hours with 2 different people in the chat trying to get to the bottom of this and get a SIM card and STILL have ZERO resolution. My account still thinks it’s on its way to me and is seemingly unaware of the issue.
    I will give it MAYBE another week, then will go elsewhere as my 2 hours of time cost more than the savings over a yar.

  41. I switched to Mint Mobile a few months ago and have been lukewarm about the change. For one, any text message with pics will not show up without mobile data turned on. I was on Straighttalk for several years before this and never had this happen. Unless I am checking my text messages on a regular basis, I won’t know I missed a text with pic attached. And it won’t work with WIFI on either. Second, I cannot receive texts from Publix pharmacy and have issues with their app since switching to Mint. I have had multiple discussions with Mint, but no resolution. Their service is better at our home and en route to my daughter’s in Nashville; but we recently took a trip to small town outside Atlanta and had no service.

    Have you had any of these issues with Visible? My current phone is not compatible with them, however I am considering an upgrade and switching to Visible Just waiting till my prepaid Mint plan is close to expiring.


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