5 Things to Know About How Xfinity Mobile Billing Works

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If you’re thinking about signing up for Xfinity Mobile, you may have some questions about how its billing works compared to your current wireless provider.

Xfinity Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that uses Verizon’s towers, but it’s not like other low-cost options.

I subscribed to Comcast’s Xfinity Mobile for two full years from 2017 to 2019 and returned to the service in late 2020 to update my real customer review.

In this article, I’ll share what I’ve learned about Xfinity Mobile’s billing practices. Let’s get started!

1. Xfinity Mobile Is a Postpaid Carrier

Xfinity Mobile is a no-contract postpaid provider of wireless service. With postpaid carriers, you pay for service at the end of a billing cycle — not in advance like with prepaid options.

Your Xfinity Mobile billing cycle starts either when you activate your device or seven days after delivery confirmation.

Your payment card on file will be automatically charged 20 days after your billing cycle ends, according to Xfinity’s website. Here’s an example:

  • Dec 6: Device or SIM card ships
  • Dec 13 (One week later): Billing cycle begins
  • Jan 12: Billing cycle ends
  • Feb 2 (20 days after your billing cycle ends): Payment due

Like most postpaid carriers, Xfinity Mobile may require a credit check for some customers.

2. Xfinity Mobile Billing is Handled Through the Xfinity App

You can manage Xfinity Mobile billing and other account issues from the Xfinity app. The company has retired the separate Xfinity Mobile app.

That way, you no longer need two apps for your Xfinity services.

Your Xfinity Mobile bill will be placed on auto pay by default. However, one-time payments can be made from the billing section of the Xfinity app or website.

Another option is Quick Pay. It lets you or someone on your behalf make a payment without signing in.

To avoid missed or late payments, I recommend that you keep your account on auto pay. I pay my monthly cell phone bill with a credit card that offers free cell phone protection.

3. Switch Xfinity Mobile Plans Anytime to Lower Your Bill

Xfinity Mobile lets you switch between its By the Gig and Unlimited plans at any time, which can help you control your costs during months when data usage is higher or lower than usual.

Here’s an example:

I was on the 1GB plan ($15 per GB at the time) and used up 24GB of data conducting 5G speed tests for my Xfinity Mobile review. That meant my bill shot up to $360 on the By the Gig plan.

But I simply opened the Xfinity Mobile app and switched from By the Gig to Unlimited — which was $45 at the time.

If you’re on the By the Gig plan, you can set up email and push alert notifications to stay on top of how much data you use and adjust your plan if necessary.

4. Taxes and Fees Are Extra With Xfinity Mobile

Some low-cost cell phone service providers include all taxes and fees in the monthly price, but that’s not how Xfinity Mobile works. You will pay additional taxes, which vary depending on your address.

Those surcharges will be listed on your bill in two sections: Taxes and fees and Other charges.

  • Taxes and fees: Sales, excise and other taxes and government surcharges collected on behalf of local, state, and the federal government
  • Other charges: Federal and state Universal Service Fund (USF) assessments

5. Canceling Xfinity Internet Triggers an Additional Fee

Xfinity Mobile doesn’t normally charge a line access fee, but you will face a $25 a month fee if you don’t maintain either Xfinity Internet, Xfinity Voice or Xfinity TV service.

This fee will be assessed even if you move to a location where Xfinity Internet isn’t offered.

Xfinity Mobile’s standalone fee has increased over time. It used to be $10 per line, then $20 and now $25. You can remain an Xfinity Internet, Xfinity Voice or Xfinity TV customer to avoid the penalty.

If you’re being charged this fee, I recommend looking at other Verizon alternatives like Visible.

And if you want to cancel Xfinity Mobile service for any reason, it’s a straightforward process. Here’s a help document that explains the steps you need to take.

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