Are Comcast’s NOW Internet and Phone Plans Worth It?

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Comcast is launching new internet and phone plans that could save you money. Yes, Comcast.

These plans are not from Xfinity. That’s Comcast’s postpaid brand. They’re being offered under a new prepaid brand called NOW. 

This brand includes four products: 

Comcast NOW: What You Need to Know

I spoke with my contact at Comcast the day the plans were announced in April 2024. My biggest takeaway is that they’re more flexible than the company’s traditional products.

The NOW plans feature all-in pricing, have no contracts and no credit checks.

NOW Internet

I’m most excited about NOW Internet. There are two prepaid plans: 100 Mbps for $30 a month or 200 Mbps for $45 a month. 

These plans feature unlimited data and an Xfinity gateway. That’s included in the price. 

When you sign up for either plan, you’ll get a self-installation kit so you should not have to pay for a technician to set up service. This is a wired, cable internet service — not 5G home internet.

Who are these plans for? Singles, couples and small families who don’t use tons of internet-connected devices at the same time.

Comcast is not offering a higher-speed option like 300 Mbps with NOW Internet. Instead, it’s directing customers who want faster speeds to its Xfinity brand.

The introduction of NOW Internet comes as Comcast is losing subscribers to Verizon and T-Mobile.

Those two companies have had a lot of success with their 5G home internet services, which I’ve successfully tested over the last few years.

With NOW Internet, Comcast is hoping to win back some of those price-sensitive customers.

I recently added a new comparison tool to my website. You can enter your address to find the best available internet plans in your area.

If you need a personal recommendation, email me or read my internet plans guide.

NOW Mobile

You can think of NOW Mobile as a cheaper version of Xfinity Mobile.

Both of these wireless services use Verizon’s network and Xfinity’s WiFi hotspots to deliver coverage. I’ve extensively reviewed Xfinity Mobile and can recommend the service. It’s good.

This prepaid phone service offers unlimited 5G data (reduced speeds after 20GB), talk and text for $25 a month per line. There is also a $25 per line activation fee. 

You do not get priority data, so speeds will be slowed during network congestion.

The $25 a month price is a great value for an unlimited plan on Verizon’s network. However, I think most users would be better off with Visible by Verizon.

It offers truly unlimited data starting at $25 a month. I update my experience with Visible here.


NOW TV is a live TV streaming service that’s been available to Xfinity Internet customers since 2023. The $20 a month service offers both live and on-demand content:

  • More than 40 cable TV networks
  • More than two dozen free streaming channels
  • Peacock Premium included

I’ve been able to test NOW TV as a paying customer and think of it as a stripped-down version of Philo.

NOW TV’s bundle focuses on lifestyle and entertainment networks. It’s cheaper because it doesn’t carry major sports networks, cable news channels or local stations.

NOW WiFi Pass

The fourth and final product from the NOW brand is WiFi Pass.

Like NOW TV, this is another service that’s already been part of Comcast’s offerings. It lets you connect to more than 20 million Xfinity hotspots across the country. 

The price for NOW WiFi Pass is $20 for every 30 days of service.

The Bottom Line

NOW Internet and NOW Mobile are affordably priced options to consider if you live in an area that Comcast serves.

The prepaid internet plans have the biggest potential for savings. Unlike some Xfinity postpaid plans, the NOW plans include unlimited data and equipment at no extra charge.

You can learn more about NOW here and see other internet plan deals on

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