Visible Party Pay Review: 4 Things to Know Before You Sign Up

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UPDATE: Visible is phasing out its Party Pay program after launching two new unlimited plans in August 2022. Existing Party Pay members will be able to keep their plan for a period of time. Read my full Visible review here.

If you’re thinking about switching to Verizon-owned Visible, you may have heard about the prepaid wireless carrier’s Party Pay feature.

It’s a unique twist on a family plan that can drop the price of wireless service to $25 a month.

Visible Party Pay: What You Need to Know

I’ve been a Visible customer since October 2019 and joined Party Pay when it first launched. In this article, I’ll review four things you need to know about Party Pay before you sign up.

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1. What Is Visible’s Party Pay?

When Visible launched Party Pay in October 2019, it changed family or group cell phone plans for the better.

With Party Pay, groups can save on the standard $40 a month price for Visible’s unlimited talk, text and high-speed data plan that runs on Verizon’s 4G LTE and 5G networks.

Here’s how it breaks down:

  • $35 a month per line for a group of two
  • $30 a month per line for a group of three
  • $25 a month per line for a group of four or more

Each Visible member gets their own account and pays their own bill. That’s a huge advantage compared to other family or group plans where there’s a primary account holder.

The structure of Party Pay makes it easy for users to add practically anyone to their group and enjoy the savings.

The Party Pay discount is applied to your second month of Visible service, so you may have to pay the regular $40 price for one month. However, Visible runs frequent sign-up deals for the first month anyway.

2. How Does a Party Pay Group Work?

After you sign up for a Visible account, navigate to the Party Pay section of the website or app to form your party. From there, you’ll be able to create a link that you can share with family, friends and even strangers.

If a new or existing Visible customer uses your link, they’ll send you a request to join your party.

At that point, you or other members of your party will have the ability to approve or deny requests. In February 2021, Visible began to allow unlimited members per party — not a maximum of four.

If you would like to join the Michael Saves party, follow this link.

Visible's Party Pay: Creating a Group

3. What’s the Best Way to Fill Up My Party?

Visible encourages customers to share their custom referral link with family and friends via email and social media.

If you don’t know anyone who would want to join your group or have an open spot or two left, many people are posting their links on this Reddit forum.

If you’re concerned about filling up your party with people you don’t know personally, keep in mind that Visible won’t provide contact information for members of a party.

Remember, they won’t need to contact you about anyone else because everyone gets a separate bill.

4. What Happens If Someone Leaves?

If someone cancels Visible service or decides to leave their existing party to start a new one, the remaining members of the group may no longer receive the same discount.

For example, if a group goes from four members to three members, the price will increase from $25 to $30 a month per line.

But if you have four or more people in your party at all times, you’ll pay the lowest price of $25 a month.

When someone leaves a party, Visible will notify the members of the group by email. If that happens, you’ll likely want to share your referral link to fill the spot as soon as possible.

If you join a larger party like mine, you won’t have to worry about dropping below four members.

When I was reviewing the Reddit Party Pay thread for this article, one person who posted their link noted that they “had an open spot for someone who plans to stick with Visible for a long time.”

So, if you’re sharing your link, this type of language may help you attract reliable people to your Party Pay group.

Final Thought

Visible’s Party Pay can lower your cell phone bill from $40 to $25 a month. If you’re willing to add strangers to your group, you should have no trouble getting four members in your party to maximize your savings.

Overall, I think this is a great way for singles and couples to enjoy the savings that come with family plans.

To learn more about Visible, read my real customer review to learn Everything You Need to Know Before You Sign Up for Visible by Verizon Wireless.

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8 thoughts on “Visible Party Pay Review: 4 Things to Know Before You Sign Up”

  1. Hey Mike. Thanks for the Visible Party Plan Review. Do you know if the party shares the Data limit or does each member of the party have their own data plan?

  2. Hi Mike, What if your party of 4 consists of your immediate family; husband, wife, 18yo son, 14yo son. Does the party discount of 4 still apply?

  3. Hi Michael, does the cost come out to $30 each per month for a total of three people or is that the total cost to be split between three people?


    • If it’s 3 people, it’s $90 total — $30 per line. Buy you can easily add a fourth member (through Reddit or another source) and drop it to $25/month per line. You could also join my party to get this lower price.

  4. Michael,
    Great article. One piece that everyone seems to leave out or at least is not clear is how does this work with all the various codes that can be used off reddit or other sites? If I use one of those does that join me up to their group and not allow me to say join a larger group like yours? Or does that code just get me a discount and them a discount for a month? Trying to figure out if those lock me into anything etc…

    • From time to time, there will be codes offered by Visible for a discount on the first month. There are also codes that someone who has Visible may share with you. (I use affiliate links as I’m a content creator, but I do have the personal codes for people I know). You are never locked in to a party. After you sign up and get your number transferred over if you choose, you go into the app and then either form a party of your own or join someone else’s. You can leave a party too, but try to get a new one up to 4+ people ASAP to keep the lower rate. Hope this helps. I’m actually doing an updated video on this for YouTube soon.


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