Yahoo Mobile vs. Visible: Which Verizon Discount Brand Is Best?

Yahoo Mobile vs. Visible

Yahoo Mobile and Visible are two low-cost cell phone service providers that are owned by Verizon and use its top-rated network, but is one better than the other? As a Visible customer, I wanted to learn about Yahoo Mobile because it launched an unlimited data plan that’s nearly identical to the one I have with Visible. Their websites even look …

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The Best Cheap Cell Phone Plans Right Now

Best Cheap Cell Phone Plans

If your monthly cell phone bill is too expensive, now is the time to do some comparison shopping. The best cheap cell phone plans start at just $15 a month. Switching wireless providers is the #1 way to lower your cell phone bill. Most Americans have service with Verizon, AT&T or T-Mobile, but there are affordable options that allow you …

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Xfinity Mobile vs. Visible: Which Cell Phone Service Is Best?

Xfinity Mobile vs. Verizon

If you want to keep Verizon’s top-rated network and cut your bill in half, Xfinity Mobile and Visible are two options to consider. Both low-cost cell phone service providers rely on Verizon’s LTE towers to provide coverage, but key differences remain. Xfinity Mobile vs. Visible Comparison Before switching to Verizon-owned Visible, I was a customer of Comcast’s Xfinity Mobile for …

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Xfinity Mobile vs. Total Wireless: Which Verizon Alternative Is Best?

If you want cheap cell phone service on Verizon’s top-rated wireless network, Xfinity Mobile and Total Wireless are two money-saving alternatives. I spent more than a decade on a Verizon family plan until I started testing out low-cost cell phone plans, including Xfinity Mobile and Total Wireless, which both run on Verizon’s network. That means you can get the same …

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