Yahoo Mobile vs. Visible: Which Verizon Discount Brand Is Best?

Yahoo Mobile vs. Visible

Yahoo Mobile and Visible are two low-cost cell phone service providers that are owned by Verizon and use its top-rated network, but is one better than the other? As a Visible customer, I wanted to learn about Yahoo Mobile because it launched an unlimited data plan that’s nearly identical to the one I have with Visible. Their websites even look …

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The Best Cheap Cell Phone Plans Right Now

Best Cheap Cell Phone Plans

If your monthly cell phone bill is too expensive, now is the time to do some comparison shopping. The best cheap cell phone plans start at just $15 a month. Switching wireless providers is the #1 way to lower your cell phone bill. Most Americans have service with Verizon, AT&T or T-Mobile, but there are affordable options that allow you …

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Sling TV vs. Philo: Which Live TV Streaming Service Is Best?

Remote streaming service

I’ve spent the past two years testing the best cable and satellite alternatives, including cheap internet-based live TV streaming services from Sling TV and Philo. Sling TV vs. Philo: The best cheap live TV streaming services The base plans from competitors like YouTube TV and Hulu + Live TV start at around $70 per month. Their channel lineups include ESPN, …

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GoodRx vs. RxSaver Price Comparison: Which Is Best?

Prescription medication and money

GoodRx and RxSaver by RetailMeNot are two free tools that claim to save you up to 80% on your prescription drugs, but is one better than the other? Both of these services help you compare drug prices at pharmacies in your area and offer free coupons that will lower your out-of-pocket costs. GoodRx vs. RxSaver by RetailMeNot Price Comparison GoodRx …

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Moving Nightmare: My Customer Review of Silver Star Moving Group

Silver Star Moving Group scam alert

Silver Star Moving Group describes itself as a “fully organized and complete moving company” that will take the stress out of a long-distance move, but my experience was a moving nightmare. The Florida-based company has plenty of positive Google reviews and a 4-star average. But I wish I had read the reviews from other sources like the Better Business Bureau …

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Blendtec vs. Ninja Review: Which Blender Is Best?

Blendtec vs. Ninja: Best blender for smoothies

What’s the best blender for smoothies? After owning the Nutri Ninja for a few years, I recently purchased the Blendtec after seeing a demo at Costco — and I really love it. I recorded the video below and conducted a side-by-side comparison to show you the key differences. Best blender: Blendtec and Ninja put to the test!  For this test, …

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