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Ask Trim Review: The Easiest Way to Lower Your Comcast Bill

If you’re paying too much for cable and internet service, you may be putting off a phone call to your service provider to negotiate a lower rate.

But what if you could skip the call and still get the savings? Now you can!

Ask Trim: How to Lower Your Cable and Internet Bill 

I’m writing this post to tell you about a tool that’s lowered my Xfinity by Comcast bill five times in the last year, for a total of nearly $80 in savings.

The service is called Trim, a chatbot that will negotiate your cable/internet bill for you.

First Ask Trim Comcast credit
Trim dashboard / Comcast bill
Ask Trim savings
Trim dashboard

Trim has been around since 2015. The company started by helping people cancel unwanted subscriptions for free, but it has since added the feature that monitors cable/internet outages to get users one-time or monthly bill credits.

In addition to Comcast, Trim says the service now works with major providers like AT&T, Charter, RCN and Verizon.

I signed up for Trim in August 2017. Since then, several family members and friends have also had success. My mom saved $174.63 on her Comcast bill.

Trim is Legit! Here’s Why You Need to Link a Credit Card

For Trim to do its work, you need to link your cable/internet account and provide a credit card. Read more on Trim’s security page.

Why do you need to give Trim your credit card information? After Trim gets you the bill credit, it will charge 33% of what it saved you to your payment card. For example, if Trim saved you $10/month for 12 months, it takes $40.

When you sign up for Trim, it’s going to give you the option to link your checking/savings account or a credit card. I chose to only link a credit card because it’s low risk.

Since my original review, Trim has added a service called Trim Premium that costs $10 per month. You DO NOT need to pay for that service to take advantage of the bill negotiation.

Chat with Trim via Facebook Messenger
Chat with Trim via Facebook Messenger

Trim isn’t a smartphone app. You communicate with the service via text message. You can learn more at

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5 thoughts on “Ask Trim Review: The Easiest Way to Lower Your Comcast Bill”

  1. Trim is not legit. They downgraded my wireless service to a lower data plan which caused overage charges. They refused to reimburse me and threatened to report me to a collection agency if I didn’t pay their “share of the savings” which was more than $200. Stay far, far away from them. You can achieve the same savings by calling your provider yourself.

  2. Trim saved me $39.10 on my Comcast internet/cable bill. They charged me 25%, or $9.78. And that was after I had already negotiated a better deal at one of their customer service centers.

  3. Cindy in the South

    I just use the library. I have no internet at the house. I also use a talk and text only prepaid $20 phone because I want to disconnect when I get home from work at nights and on the weekends. I own no t, nor computer nor smart phone. I do have a radio I plug in for local stations. It works for me.

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