Make money from home with MTurk, Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

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If you’re skeptical about those work from home ads that promise to make you rich, join the club. It seems those types of scams are just about everywhere online. But I recently tested out a work from home opportunity from Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. It’s NOT a scam. It WON’T make you rich. But it’s a LEGITIMATE WAY to make extra money from anywhere!


Amazon’s Mechanical Turk is a website that lists hundreds of thousands of mini-jobs (387,664 as of this writing) for workers to complete for a set price. The assignments are called Human Intelligence Tasks or HITs. Workers are given a specific amount of time to complete the tasks for a price that’s prominently displayed on the site. Workers can transfer their earnings to their bank account through Amazon Payments, which is similar to PayPal.


— Transcribing from video, audio and text sources
— Surveys from reputable colleges and universities
— Rating the quality of images


The pay varies depending on the type of HIT you’re completing, but it’s very low across the board. Some HITs pay a few cents and some pay a few dollars. Michael Naab recently told that you can make between $6 and $12 per hour on MTurk. The pay starts out lower, but when you complete more HITs, you’ll qualify to complete more lucrative HITs. He says he has made $20,000 on MTurk!

I made about $80 during my first 15 days of using Mechanical Turk. I’ve completed at least one HIT every day, and I finished about 150 on my most active day. I’m not exactly sure how many hours I spent working on the platform because most of the time I was watching TV or listening to music while doing my HITs. However, I think it’s fair to say that I fell into the $6 to $12 an hour range.



After trying out many different types of tasks, I stumbled upon a client called CrowdSurf, a company that provides transcriptions and closed captioning. As an MTurk worker, I’ve transcribed more than 300 hits for them. The pay is low, about 10 cents per 20 second transcription, but CrowdSurf offers weekly bonuses for workers who complete a high number of HITs. The highest bonus is $50 for 1,000 HITs.

Going forward, I want to see if it’s possible to get the bonus if I concentrate solely on tasks from CrowdSurf. I noticed this week that CrowdSurf ran out of work by the weekend, so you might want to jump on the work during the week. I also plan to keep a log of my hours to give you a better idea about the pay rate. Look for an update in a future post.

MTurk first days


— Work from anywhere with an internet connection
— Work as little or as much as you’d like
— Work is generally easy
— Work can be mundane
— Some listing companies seem “sketchy”
— Can’t cash out for first 10 days


Do I think MTurk is a full-time job? No, not for most people. However, it’s not a bad way to make a few extra dollars during idle time. I could also see myself completing the tasks during downtime while pet-sitting, one of my side hustles. For those who are unemployed or working part-time jobs, MTurk might get you through a rough patch.

The secret with MTurk is to identify the best tasks and work quickly to complete them. I’ve listed a few resources below that can help you get started with MTurk.

MTurk Reddit
MTurk Forum
The Internet’s hidden science factory (PBS profile)
“I make $1.45 a week and I love it” (Salon profile) 

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6 thoughts on “Make money from home with MTurk, Amazon’s Mechanical Turk”

  1. I just found your site and it’s pretty impressive. I am a retired nurse and have time on my hands to do something that can bring in some extra income. can you suggest more online jobs that pay at least a fair amount. I am going to give MTurk a try but it would be nice to do something else as well, it sounds like MTurk could get a little boring. Anything updated in 2018? Thanks for your articles, very interesting.

    • Hi Roberta! Yes, MTurk can get pretty boring. Here’s a short list of some companies that offer work-at-home jobs, mostly customer service: Amazon, American Express, Williams-Sonoma, Hyatt, Hilton and Uhaul. Even though these companies offer WFH jobs, some of them have state location requires. If I come up with anything new, I will update you here on and on

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