I Canceled YouTube TV and May Never Go Back

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If you’ve watched any of my cord-cutting videos over the years, you probably already know that YouTube TV has been my favorite live TV streaming service for a while now.

I’ve covered the service since it launched in 2017 and have created helpful reviews and tutorials along the way.

My YouTube TV subscription has already been on pause for the summer, but I don’t think I’ll ever go back to the service as a regular customer.

In this article and the video below, I explain the five reasons why.

I’m Using Other Streaming Apps

I mentioned in a recent video that when I sit down to watch TV, I’m more likely to open up regular YouTube than YouTube TV. 

This is a change in behavior that I’ve noticed over the past year or so. 

It’s not just YouTube that I’m watching more often. I rotate paid services like Max, Hulu and Peacock — and I always have plenty to watch.

I also feel like I should be spending more time with free apps like Tubi instead of expensive live TV services.

With the limited time that I have to watch TV and so many streaming apps competing for my attention, YouTube TV is starting to lose out. 

Turns out, this is good for my wallet. I save $75 every month that I don’t subscribe to YouTube TV.

I’ve Found Better Deals on Other Live TV Services

YouTube TV typically has a great introductory offer for new customers, but longtime subscribers like me don’t get those savings.

That makes it worth my time to search for offers from YouTube TV’s competitors.

Recently, I shared a limited-time deal from DIRECTV STREAM (expired) that was $49.99 a month for three months. I got that deal and plan to update my review of the service.

Sling TV is another live TV service that regularly offers discounts for new and returning customers.

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There’s a Promising New Live TV Option 

The third reason why I may never go back to YouTube TV as a regular customer is because of a promising new live TV option.

You’ve heard me talk about Venu Sports in my monthly news update videos.

This is an upcoming live TV streaming service from ESPN, FOX and Warner Bros. Discovery that focuses on linear TV networks with sports programming.

Venu Sports is expected to launch in the fall of 2024, pending regulatory approval.

This service is targeting people who don’t pay for a big TV bundle, but I actually think it could steal away customers from live TV services like YouTube TV. 

I Want Strong Competition

Did you know that YouTube TV has more than eight million subscribers? That’s more than several of its live TV streaming competitors combined.

In addition, YouTube TV is now the fourth largest pay-TV operator behind Charter, Comcast and DIRECTV.

YouTube TV absolutely deserves to be in the top spot among live TV services and has been more innovative than some of its competitors like Hulu Live and Sling TV.

However, I do want healthy competition in the space to hopefully keep pricing down.

When I started reviewing streaming services back in 2016, I rotated through them for several years before sticking with YouTube TV long term.

I see myself going back to more frequent switching, but I know that won’t work for every household.

Changes at Google and YouTube

Reason number five is more personal. It has nothing to do with the YouTube TV app itself, but it is about what’s happening with Google and YouTube. 

This summer marks my 20th year of creating content.

Not long ago, I shared a clip on my Facebook page from my internship station where I produced my first local newscast.

It was 2004. The station was WBOC-TV in Salisbury, Maryland. I was 19 years old.

Eight years and several jobs later, I was living in Atlanta and had the opportunity to help launch a talk show for a cable TV network. That’s where I met Clark Howard and began producing his consumer reports.

That show did not last. I moved on from HLN and so did Clark. I later spent five years working for his website.

When I left the site in January 2021 to focus on Michael Saves, I was fortunate to be able to support myself in large part thanks to my YouTube channel.

Three years later, that’s no longer the case.

Despite steady growth in views and subscribers, I’m earning about 80% less in YouTube ad revenue since November 2022.

The reason? Invalid traffic.

I’ve done nothing wrong, but my library of work has largely been demonetized.

YouTube has provided creators with very little support. They mainly refer to this help document with common sense tips. Things like, “Don’t click on your own ads.” (I don’t.)

Tyler the Antenna Man recently spoke out about this issue shortly after it affected him and his case was quickly resolved.

I have been waiting a year and a half. No resolution.

It’s not for lack of effort. I’ve communicated directly with YouTube creator liaison Rene Ritchie and provided lots of information about what’s happening with my channel.

Multiple times, he has assured me that it’s been “passed along to the team.”

I’ve never heard back from the team.

On top of that, Google began penalizing small, independent websites like MichaelSaves.com in September 2023. This has made it harder for searchers to find my money-saving tips.

Instead, searchers are shown AI overviews, Reddit threads and pure spam.

I realize that many people first heard about Michael Saves from a Google search or a YouTube recommendation.

These platforms have connected us, and I’m grateful.

When it comes to YouTube TV, I don’t know if I can give the service another dollar until creators get better answers from Google and YouTube.

Recently, I decided to take more than a pause from YouTube TV and canceled my subscription.

No matter what, I still plan to update my YouTube TV content. Friends and family have offered to let me come over with my recording equipment and use their accounts.

I will also continue to recommend YouTube TV to people when I believe it’s the best option for them.

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