The #1 Mistake People Make When Switching to Xfinity Mobile

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  • Xfinity Mobile requires Xfinity Internet, so you need to comparison shop both services before you sign up
  • New to Xfinity Internet? You will likely get an introductory rate that will go up after 12 or 24 months
  • Canceling Xfinity Internet due to a move or any other reason will trigger a surcharge to keep standalone Xfinity Mobile service
  • Xfinity Mobile has no contract, but phone discounts are spread out over 24 months

I’ve noticed a pattern in the comments section of my Xfinity Mobile reviews from people who test out the low-cost phone service but end up canceling.

I had Xfinity Mobile for two full years. The service is popular — growing to more than six million lines since 2017.

Most people start shopping for a new phone plan by checking out the pricing and comparing it to their current plan. That’s not a mistake — I recommend it.

But with Xfinity Mobile, your comparison shopping can’t stop with the phone plan’s pricing and features. 

Xfinity Mobile requires Xfinity Internet to sign up. That’s why you want to take a look at your internet options before you get the phone plan.

I have a new tool below where you can enter your address to see the best options where you live.

The biggest mistake people make when switching to Xfinity Mobile is not considering what-if scenarios in their life. Most common? What if you have to move!

I just mentioned that you need Xfinity’s internet service to get the mobile plan.

But if you’re an existing Xfinity Mobile customer and have to cancel Xfinity Internet due to a move or any other reason, you are allowed to keep the phone service.

What’s the catch? An extra $25 a month fee, plus you won’t be able to add new lines or get a device payment plan.

Something else to consider: If you’re signing up for Xfinity Internet as a new customer, you’re going to get an introductory rate.

However, that internet rate will typically go up after 12 or 24 months.

There are a lot of people who compare prices and are comfortable paying the introductory rate, but the regular rate is outside of their budget.

Think about the pricing now and and what it will increase to in the future.

I’ve been tracking Xfinity Mobile’s pricing since the service launched. There have been changes, but the pricing is more stable for the phone service than the internet plans.

After updating its plans in early 2024, here’s my take on Xfinity Mobile:

  • Unlimited plans are a good value for single lines
  • Unlimited plans are a very good value for multiple lines
  • By the Gig plans are no longer a good value

Xfinity Mobile’s phone deals set it apart from low-cost competitors. New customers can typically get a heavily discounted phone from Apple, Samsung or Google. Deals change frequently.

With those deals, you get the savings as bill credits spread over 24 months — two full years.

If you’re planning to get a phone from Xfinity Mobile rather than bringing your own device, I would plan on staying with the service for at least two years.

If you cancel your mobile service, you’ll lose the balance of the credits. 

Xfinity Mobile doesn’t require a contract. But the company has structured the phone deals and the internet plans to retain customers long-term. 

Not sure if that’s you? Comcast has launched a new prepaid brand called NOW that offers internet and phone plans.

However, if this is your case, you would probably be better off trying out a service like Visible by Verizon. It has an unlimited plan on Verizon’s network for $25 a month.

I have a limited-time deal on that drops it to $15 a month for three months.

Visible has been my primary carrier since 2019 when I canceled Xfinity Mobile after moving out of an Xfinity service area. 

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