Ibotta Cheat Sheet: How to Earn Cash Back on Groceries

3 Things to Know Before Canceling Your Ibotta Account

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably thinking about canceling your Ibotta account and deleting the cash back app from your phone forever.

In this article, I’ll share three things you need to know before you do that. Let’s get started!

1. Account Maintenance Fee Confusion

If you haven’t used the Ibotta app for six months, you may receive an email about an account maintenance fee. That email is one reason why people think about getting rid of Ibotta.

But keep in mind that Ibotta will never charge your bank account or send you a bill. So calling it a fee is a little confusing.

Instead, the $3.99 monthly account maintenance fee is deducted from your standing balance. When your balance reaches zero, your account will stay inactive until you redeem an offer.

However, Ibotta’s terms and conditions state that the company may terminate your account in some cases.

Ibotta remains free for active members, but this email goes out to inactive users. To make your account active again, simply redeem one qualifying offer at least every 180 days.

You can learn more about Ibotta’s account maintenance fee here.

2. There Are More Ways to Earn Than Ever Before

I’ve been an Ibotta member since 2014 and earn an average of $500 a year with the app. From my experience, it’s easier than ever to earn cash back with Ibotta.

That’s primarily because Ibotta isn’t just for groceries anymore. You can use it at many in-store and online retailers.

If you’re thinking about canceling because you’re not earning enough, you may need to change up your strategy. Here’s my step-by-step guide that explains what works for me.

3. Cancel First, Then Delete the App

If you’re sure that you want to cancel, you can do it right from the app by filing a ticket. Open Ibotta, click on Account, then Help and Submit a Request.

From there, you have a few more clicks. Follow these steps:

  • Under “I Need Help With,” select My Profile or Account Settings
  • Then click on “My Account Info or Settings”
  • Scroll down to “Cancelling My Ibotta Account”
  • Give Ibotta permission to cancel your account

Ibotta’s customer support team will then process the cancellation request. At that point, you can delete the Ibotta app from your smartphone.

If you’ve already deleted the app, you can submit the cancellation request online using this form.


4 thoughts on “3 Things to Know Before Canceling Your Ibotta Account”

  1. There is no longer an option for deleting or canceling your account, despite the fact they give those same instructions in the help section. I wrote to them but have thus far been ignored.

  2. Felicia A Frank

    I am getting recurring fees of $3.99 pulled from my banking /checking account, although IBOTTA clearly states the will NEVER pull money from my banking institution. Why?

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