Contact Lens King Review: Is It Worth the Savings?

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If you’ve been checking Google for the lowest prices on contact lenses, Contact Lens King is one website you might have come across.

I recently searched for my brand of contacts (Air Optix Aqua) and Contact Lens King appeared to offer the lowest price — $17.95 per box.

Contact Lens King Review: My Personal Experience

The same box of contacts typically costs $60 at my eye doctor’s office.

I’ve purchased contacts online before, but I never heard about Contact Lens King and wondered if the price was too good to be true.

In this article, I’ll share my real customer review and what you need to know. Let’s get started!

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As I mentioned, Contact Lens King had the cheapest price per box when I used Google to search the brand name of my contacts.

I ended up paying a total of $88 for a 12-month supply of contact lenses.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • 4 boxes of lenses: $17.95 each
  • Processing fee: $8.72
  • Shipping: $7.95
  • Total: $88.47

I was very happy with this price. On the day of my Google search, the next cheapest option was — a website I tried out in the past.

If you want the lowest price on contacts, I suggest that you enter the brand name of your contacts into Google and see what comes up. When I visited directly, a higher price was displayed.

Ordering Process

Ordering contacts from Contact Lens King was simple. I didn’t notice much of a difference compared to other online sellers, and the process only took about five minutes to complete.

There are a few things you need to know:

  1. If you don’t already have an account with, you’ll be asked to create one.
  2. For fast processing, upload a copy of your prescription or have your eye doctor send it to Contact Lens King.
  3. You can use flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA) funds to pay for your purchase.

Shipping and Delivery

There are several shipping and delivery options to choose from during the ordering process. I selected the least expensive option.

Shipping and handling starts at $7.95 and goes up from there. For orders in the U.S., the $7.95 shipping via the United States Postal Service takes 3 to 6 business days. I placed my order on April 8 and received it on April 11.

Expedited shipping is a lot more expensive, so try to order replacement contact lenses at least two weeks before you’ll need them. That way, you have a buffer in case there’s any problem with your order.


Contact Lens King has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. I didn’t have a problem with my order, but knowing that this policy exists gave me some peace of mind before ordering.

The company has a 30-day return policy. To get a full credit, your item must be “unopened, unmarked, undamaged and in original condition.”

For that reason, I suggest that you inspect your order carefully before opening your lenses. Verify that you received the correct prescription and check the expiration date on the box.

If you need to return an item, reach out to Contact Lens King by emailing or by calling 800-352-0255.

Final Thought

Contact Lens King is legit. I purchased a year’s supply of contacts for $88 that would otherwise cost me $240 at the doctor’s office.

My first experience with Contact Lens King was a good one. From placing my order to delivery, there were no hiccups.

If you’re like me and have vision insurance that covers either glasses or contacts (not both) every year, buying contacts online is a great way to lower your out-of-pocket costs.

My advice is to comparison shop by conducting a Google search and go with the best reputable option.

Have you used Contact Lens King or another discount contact lens seller? Share your real customer review in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “Contact Lens King Review: Is It Worth the Savings?”

  1. Hi Michael, Thank you for the review. You put my mind at ease before I order through them. Do you have an affiliate link or referral code I can use so they know helped my decision making?
    Birch Run, MI

  2. Hi Michael,

    I read your article before i decided to give Contact Lens King a try. I too have vision insurance that covers either glasses or contacts (not both) every year, so I’m trying to save money. The shipping was quick (3 day turn around), no problems with my order, and I saved about $200 for a year’s supply!


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