Fetch Rewards Prescription Savings: Is the GoodRx Offer Worth It?

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Two of my favorite money-saving apps, Fetch Rewards and GoodRx, have teamed up.

If you’re not familiar, Fetch Rewards is a free app that lets you earn gift cards by uploading receipts from grocery stores and other retailers.

Meanwhile, GoodRx is a free prescription savings app and website.

Fetch Rewards Adds GoodRx Offer: What You Need to Know

I’ve used both of these apps for years. This partnership brings GoodRx into the Fetch Rewards app, so you don’t need to download two separate apps.

I recently tested out the partnership and will review how it went in this article.

How the Fetch Rewards-GoodRx Partnership Works

When I opened the Fetch Rewards app, an ad for the GoodRx partnership was at the top of the screen and listed under Special Offers.

Fetch joined forces with GoodRx starting in September 2021.

Here’s how it works: When you’re at the pharmacy, open the Fetch Rewards app and click the Me tab to find the GoodRx offer.

Then, present your GoodRx Digital Card (example shown below) to the pharmacist before you pay.

GoodRx savings card in Fetch app

The pharmacist will enter the Member ID from the GoodRx Digital Card and tell you the discounted price of your prescription.

GoodRx says it can save you up to 80% off the price of your medications.

This is important: GoodRx is a discount program, not insurance. If the GoodRx price is cheaper than your insurance co-pay, ask the pharmacist to use GoodRx instead.

In addition to saving on the price of your medications, you can earn Fetch Rewards points when you use GoodRx through the Fetch app.

You will not receive Fetch points if you use the standalone GoodRx app.

At the time of this writing, the Fetch Rewards offer was 10,000 points for the first GoodRx coupon and 1,500 points for future coupons or refills.

With Fetch Rewards, 10,000 points earns you a $10 gift card to dozens of retailers!

The Fetch app says that you should receive your points about two to three days after you pay at the pharmacy.

Standalone GoodRx App Has More Features

Although the partnership between Fetch Rewards and GoodRx means that you don’t need to use both apps separately, you may still want to.

As I explained earlier, the Fetch app provides access to a GoodRx Digital Card.

However, GoodRx has additional features that can help you save money on your prescription drugs. They’re only available from the standalone GoodRx website and app.

GoodRx app search results

With the GoodRx app (shown above), you can enter the name of a drug and your location to find the lowest price at multiple nearby pharmacies.

The Fetch Rewards app does not have this search feature as of this writing.

If you use the GoodRx app, you’ll display a coupon to the pharmacist that looks similar to the GoodRx Digital Card from the Fetch app.

However, I noticed that the Member ID and other information doesn’t match up.

Fetch Rewards app vs. goodRx app

Why does that matter? From my experience, your pharmacist can give different prices depending on which GoodRx information you provide.

For example, the pharmacist gave me these prices for my latest refill:

  • GoodRx: $13.34
  • GoodRx through Fetch Rewards: $14.75

The coupon price from the standalone GoodRx app was more than a dollar cheaper!

Since I was getting 10,000 points for the first coupon, I went ahead and paid the higher price for GoodRx through Fetch Rewards.

But going forward, I will probably use the standalone GoodRx app.

I reached out to GoodRx to ask why there would be two different prices for the same drug at the same pharmacy. I’ll update this post if I hear back.

Review Summary

Fetch Rewards is a great rewards app, but the prescription savings partnership with GoodRx needs some work.

As a consumer, here’s why I use both apps:

  • Fetch Rewards: Earn free gift cards by uploading retail receipts
  • GoodRx: Get the lowest price on prescription drugs

If this partnership could bring both of those things together, it would be a no-brainer.

But from my experience with GoodRx, I’ve been able to save the most money by using its search tool and going to the cheapest pharmacy.

Unfortunately, this search tool isn’t integrated with the Fetch app.

The price difference between the standalone GoodRx app and the GoodRx Digital Card with Fetch Rewards is also frustrating and confusing for consumers.

I don’t want to pay a higher prescription drug price just to get some Fetch points in return!

My plan is to continue using both apps separately: Fetch Rewards for grocery receipts and GoodRx for prescription savings.

To get started, download Fetch Rewards from the App Store or the Google Play Store and use referral code MICHAEL.

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