Don’t buy Keeps hair loss treatment! Try this instead

Keeps is a new subscription service that says it can save you money on the best hair loss treatments for men, but is that really the case? Not if you ask me.

I pay only $25 a year for finasteride, the generic version of Propecia. That’s it!

Keeps hair loss treatment review: It’s not the best deal! 

Through its website, Keeps sells the exact same drug — finasteride — as part of its hair loss treatment kits for $25 a month.

Take your pick: $25 a year or $25 a month… Finasteride for $25/month Finasteride for $25/month

You can skip the subscription services that say they can save you money and follow the steps that I took to actually save money.

Here’s how I lowered my hair loss treatment costs to just $25 a year.

1. I went to a doctor

I’m not a doctor, so you need to book an appointment with a primary care physician or a dermatologist to talk about your hair loss.

If you hate going to the doctor, see if your insurance offers telemedicine.

I went to my dermatologist because I felt like he would have more experience treating men who were losing their hair. The insurance copay was $50.

2. I asked for a 5 mg finasteride dose and split the pills

My doctor prescribed me 1 mg of finasteride a day for hair loss, but I did some research and found that it comes in a 5 mg dose.

I asked if I could split the 5 mg pill into quarters and my doctor said yes.

He wrote me a prescription for 5 mg of finasteride instead of 1 mg, which means fewer trips to the pharmacy because one pill turns into four pills.

Tablet Splitter

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3. I found the lowest price on GoodRx

With my prescription in hand, I downloaded the free GoodRx app and entered the name of the drug and the dose to find the cheapest price.

When you use GoodRx, you skip your regular insurance and just show the app at the pharmacy.

I’m able to get 30 pills of 5 mg finasteride for $8.60, which is a 120-day supply since I split each pill into quarters. That equals only $25.80 for a year’s supply!

Someone who signs up for Keeps’ $25/month plan would pay $300 a year.

GoodRx: $8.60 for 30 of the 5mg finasteride tablets (120-day supply)

GoodRx: $8.60 for 30 of the 5 mg finasteride tablets (120-day supply)

My hair loss experience

My hair began thinning when I was 31 years old, especially at the back of my scalp. I haven’t noticed much hair loss at the temples yet.

Here’s a timeline of what happened after I started taking finasteride:

  • 3 months: Hair strengthened
  • 6 months: Hair started to regrow
  • 12 months: Hair looked like it used to

I chose not to use minoxidil (generic Rogaine) along with finasteride because I wanted to see if the pill worked on its own — and it has so far.

If you decide to take minoxidil, stock up when you find it on sale. No prescription is required. 

The bottom line

Subscription services like Keeps are all about convenience, not real savings. Ask your doctor about my plan and save money on your hair loss treatment.


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