How To Pay for YouTube TV With a Gift Card

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Did you know that you can pay for your YouTube TV membership with a gift card?

YouTube TV doesn’t have its own branded gift cards like Hulu and Sling TV. However, you can use a Google Play gift card to pay your YouTube TV bill.

I put this to the test and explain how the process works in this article.

YouTube TV Gift Card: What You Need to Know

First, sign in to the Google account associated with your YouTube TV subscription. This should be the family manager. That’s the person who can make changes to YouTube TV billing.

Then, go to and enter the code for your physical or electronic Google Play gift card.

After your gift card is redeemed, you need to select the Google Play gift card as the payment method for your YouTube TV membership.

By the way, you can also apply this gift card to YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium.

From, find your YouTube TV subscription and click Manage. Then, select Change Payment Method from the following screen.

Next, make the Google Play gift card the primary payment method and update your backup method.

In my case, I applied a $10 Google Play card that I redeemed from the Fetch app that I use to earn free gift cards simply by uploading grocery receipts.

Then, I added a separate $100 Google Play gift card to have enough money to pay for a month of YouTube TV.

Although YouTube TV allows you to have a primary and backup payment method, a customer service representative told me that split payments are not allowed at this time.

Therefore, you’ll likely need a $75 or $100 Google Play gift card to cover your YouTube TV bill.

YouTube TV’s base plan is priced at $72.99 per month. If you want to help offset that cost for someone in your life, a Google Play card would make a great gift.

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