How to Create a Bare-Bones Budget (Free Template)

Bare-bones budget tutorial

If you’re experiencing any degree of money stress in your life, it’s essential to create a bare-bones budget. What exactly is that? A bare-bones budget is a monthly spending plan that strips out all of the luxuries. It includes all of your “needs,” but it excludes most of the “wants.” Create a Bare-Bones Budget With Google Sheets (Quick & Easy!) …

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Receipt Trick: How I Saved an Extra $2,000 in 52 Weeks

If you like to participate in money challenges to reach your financial goals, I want to let you in on a savings strategy I’ve been testing out for the last year involving retail receipts. Over a 52-week period, I’ve stashed hundreds of receipts and saved more than $2,000 in the process. I Call It the “Save Your Savings Challenge”  Here’s …

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